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Lhuillier, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Density-based label placement

Lhuillier, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * 2-manifold reconstruction from sparse visual features
* 2-Manifold Tests for 3D Delaunay Triangulation-Based Surface Reconstruction
* Adding Synchronization and Rolling Shutter in Multi-Camera Bundle Adjustment
* Automatic scene structure and camera motion using a catadioptric system
* Concentric Mosaic(s), Planar Motion and 1D Cameras
* Edge-Constrained Joint View Triangulation for Image Interpolation
* Effective and Generic Structure from Motion using Angular Error
* Efficient Dense Matching for Textured Scenes using Region Growing
* Environment Modeling from Images Taken by a Low Cost Camera
* Error propagations for local bundle adjustment
* Fast Odometry Integration in Local Bundle Adjustment-Based Visual SLAM
* Fusion of GPS and Structure-from-Motion Using Constrained Bundle Adjustments
* Generic and Real-Time Structure from Motion
* Generic and Real-Time Structure from Motion Using Local Bundle Adjustment
* Generic Error Model and Its Application to Automatic 3D Modeling of Scenes Using a Catadioptric Camera, A
* Genus refinement of a manifold surface reconstructed by sculpting the 3d-Delaunay triangulation of Structure-from-Motion points
* Image Interpolation by Joint View Triangulation
* Image-based rendering by joint view triangulation
* Improving Thin Structures in Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Point Cloud
* Incremental Fusion of Structure-from-Motion and GPS Using Constrained Bundle Adjustments
* Incremental Reconstruction of Manifold Surface from Sparse Visual Mapping
* Incremental Solid Modeling from Sparse and Omnidirectional Structure-from-Motion Data
* Incremental Solid Modeling from Sparse Structure-from-Motion Data with Improved Visual Artifacts Removal
* Localization in Urban Environments: Monocular Vision Compared to a Differential GPS Sensor
* Manifold surface reconstruction of an environment from sparse Structure-from-Motion data
* Match Propagation for Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
* Monocular Vision Based SLAM for Mobile Robots
* Monocular Vision for Mobile Robot Localization and Autonomous Navigation
* Overview of Shelling for 2-Manifold Surface Reconstruction Based on 3D Delaunay Triangulation
* Performance Evaluation of a Localization System Relying on Monocular Vision and Natural Landmarks
* Quasi-Dense Approach to Surface Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Images, A
* Quasi-Dense Reconstruction from Image Sequence
* Real Time Localization and 3D Reconstruction
* Relief Mosaics by Joint View Triangulation
* Robust Dense Matching Using Local and Global Geometric Constraints
* Self-calibration of omnidirectional multi-cameras including synchronization and rolling shutter
* Structure from motion from three affine views
* Surface reconstruction by integrating 3d and 2d data of multiple views
* Surface Reconstruction by Propagating 3D Stereo Data in Multiple 2D Images
* Surface reconstruction from a sparse point cloud by enforcing visibility consistency and topology constraints
* Surface Reconstruction of Scenes Using a Catadioptric Camera
* Toward automatic 3D modeling of scenes using a generic camera model
* Toward Flexible 3D Modeling using a Catadioptric Camera
* Towards an alternative GPS sensor in dense urban environment from visual memory
* Weighted Local Bundle Adjustment and Application to Odometry and Visual SLAM Fusion
Includes: Lhuillier, M.[Maxime] Lhuillier, M.
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