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Leyva Montiel, J.L. Co Author Listing * Unifying the Experiment Design and Constrained Regularization Paradigms for Reconstructive Imaging with Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Leyva Montiel, J.L. Leyva-Montiel, J.L.

Leyva Vallina, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Place Recognition in Gardens by Learning Visual Representations: Data Set and Benchmark Analysis
Includes: Leyva Vallina, M.[Maria] Leyva-Vallina, M.[Marķa]

Leyva, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Three new instance selection methods based on local sets: A comparative study with several approaches from a bi-objective perspective

Leyva, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Compact and Low-Complexity Binary Feature Descriptor and Fisher Vectors for Video Analytics
* Detecting Small Objects in High Resolution Images with Integral Fisher Score
* fast binary pair-based video descriptor for action recognition, A
* Fast Binary-Based Video Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Video Anomaly Detection With Compact Feature Sets for Online Performance
Includes: Leyva, R.[Roberto] Leyva, R.

Leyvand, T.[Tommer] Co Author Listing * Exemplar-Based Human Action Pose Correction
* Exemplar-based human action pose correction and tagging
* Kinect Identity: Technology and Experience

Leyvi, E.[Eugene] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for locating a commercial disposed within a video data stream

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