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Leigh, H.W. Co Author Listing * Development of Onboard Digital Elevation and Relief Databases for ICESat-2

Leigh, J.[Jason] Co Author Listing * OmegaDesk: Towards a Hybrid 2D and 3D Work Desk, The
* Scalable Resolution Display Walls
Includes: Leigh, J.[Jason] Leigh, J.

Leigh, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Classification and Evaluation of Extended PICS (EPICS) on a Global Scale for Calibration and Stability Monitoring of Optical Satellite Sensors
* Classification of North Africa for Use as an Extended Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites (EPICS) for Radiometric Calibration and Stability Monitoring of Optical Satellite Sensors
* Derivation of Hyperspectral Profile of Extended Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites (EPICS) for Use in Sensor Calibration
* Detection of Change Points in Pseudo-Invariant Calibration Sites Time Series Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Imagery
* Development of Dark Hyperspectral Absolute Calibration Model Using Extended Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites at a Global Scale: Dark EPICS-Global, The
* Evaluation Analysis of Landsat Level-1 and Level-2 Data Products Using In Situ Measurements
* Evaluation of an Extended PICS (EPICS) for Calibration and Stability Monitoring of Optical Satellite Sensors
* Evaluation of Low-Cost Radiometer for Surface Reflectance Retrieval and Orbital Sensor's Validation
* Evaluation of RadCalNet Output Data Using Landsat 7, Landsat 8, Sentinel 2A, and Sentinel 2B Sensors
* Extended Cross-Calibration Analysis Using Data from the Landsat 8 and 9 Underfly Event
* Extended Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites (EPICS) for the Cross-Calibration of Optical Satellite Sensors
* Extended Pseudo Invariant Site-Based Trend-to-Trend Cross-Calibration of Optical Satellite Sensors
* First in-Flight Radiometric Calibration of MUX and WFI on-Board CBERS-4
* Ground-Based Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Landsat 8 OLI, The
* Hyperspectral Empirical Absolute Calibration Model Using Libya 4 Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site
* Initial Cross-Calibration of Landsat 8 and Landsat 9 Using the Simultaneous Underfly Event
* Landsat 9 Cross Calibration Under-Fly of Landsat 8: Planning, and Execution
* Lifetime Absolute Calibration of the EO-1 Hyperion Sensor and its Validation
* Methods for Earth-Observing Satellite Surface Reflectance Validation
* Pre- and Post-Launch Spatial Quality of the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
* Preliminary Results Of The Comparison Of Satellite Imagers Using Tuz GÖlÜ As A Reference Standard
* Radiometric Cross Calibration and Validation Using 4 Angle BRDF Model between Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2A
* Radiometric Cross Calibration of Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+)
* Relative Radiometric Correction of Pushbroom Satellites Using the Yaw Maneuver
* Terra Vega Active Light Source: A First Step in a New Approach to Perform Nighttime Absolute Radiometric Calibrations and Early Results Calibrating the VIIRS DNB, The
* Validation of Expanded Trend-to-Trend Cross-Calibration Technique and Its Application to Global Scale
* Vicarious Methodologies to Assess and Improve the Quality of the Optical Remote Sensing Images: A Critical Review
Includes: Leigh, L.[Larry] Leigh, L.[Lawrence] Leigh, L.
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Leigh, S. Co Author Listing * Automated Ice-Water Classification Using Dual Polarization SAR Satellite Imagery
* Dependence characteristics of face recognition algorithms

Leightley, D. Co Author Listing * Deep convolutional neural networks for motion instability identification using kinect
* Exemplar-Based Human Action Recognition with Template Matching from a Stream of Motion Capture
* Micro-Facial Movements: An Investigation on Spatio-Temporal Descriptors
Includes: Leightley, D. Leightley, D.[Daniel]

Leighton, F.T. Co Author Listing * Secure Spread Spectrum Watermarking for Multimedia

Leighton, T. Co Author Listing * Secure spread spectrum watermarking for images, audio and video

Leighty, B.D.[Brian D.] Co Author Listing * Automated IFSAR Terrain Analysis System

Leighty, R.D.[Robert D.] Co Author Listing * Automated IFSAR Terrain Analysis System
* Data Extraction and Classification from Film
Includes: Leighty, R.D.[Robert D.] Leighty, R.D.

Leigland, L.A. Co Author Listing * Determination of Axonal and Dendritic Orientation Distributions Within the Developing Cerebral Cortex by Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Leigsnering, M. Co Author Listing * Multipath Exploitation and Suppression for SAR Imaging of Building Interiors: An overview of recent advances

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