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Leifer, I.[Ira] Co Author Listing * Challenges in Methane Column Retrievals from AVIRIS-NG Imagery over Spectrally Cluttered Surfaces: A Sensitivity Analysis
* Measuring Floating Thick Seep Oil from the Coal Oil Point Marine Hydrocarbon Seep Field by Quantitative Thermal Oil Slick Remote Sensing
* Reduced Methane Emissions from Santa Barbara Marine Seeps

Leifert, G.[Gundram] Co Author Listing * two-stage method for text line detection in historical documents, A

Leifman, G. Co Author Listing * Learning Gaze Transitions from Depth to Improve Video Saliency Estimation
* Novel Ensemble Diversification Methods for Open-Set Scenarios
* Pattern-Driven Colorization of 3D Surfaces
* Pixel-accurate Segmentation of Surgical Tools based on Bounding Box Annotations
* Reconstruction of relief objects from line drawings
* Saliency Detection in Large Point Sets
* Surface Regions of Interest for Viewpoint Selection
Includes: Leifman, G. Leifman, G.[George]
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