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Laprade, R.H.[Robert H.] Co Author Listing * Split-and-Merge Segmentation of Aerial Photographs

Laprano, C.M. Co Author Listing * Edge preserving wavelet speckle filtering

Lapray, P.J.[Pierre Jean] Co Author Listing * Database of Spectral Filter Array Images that Combine Visible and NIR, A
* HDR Imaging Pipeline for Spectral Filter Array Cameras
* HDR-ARtiSt: an adaptive real-time smart camera for high dynamic range imaging
Includes: Lapray, P.J.[Pierre Jean] Lapray, P.J.[Pierre-Jean]

Lapresa, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Using Strings for On-Line Handwriting Shape Matching: A New Weighted Edit Distance

Lapreste, J.T. Co Author Listing * About the Integrability Constraint in a Shape-from-Shading Algorithm
* Camera Calibration from Spheres Images
* Dense Reconstruction by Zooming
* Detection of Patterns in Images from Piecewise Linear Contours
* Determination of the Attitude of 3-D Objects from a Single Perspective View
* Dry camera calibration for underwater applications
* Estimating the radial distortion of an optical system; effect on a localization process
* Finding the Perspective Projection of an Axis of Revolution
* Finding the Pose of an Object of Revolution
* Indoor autonomous navigation using visual memory and pattern tracking
* Inverse Perspective Problem from a Single View for Polyhedra Location, The
* Inverse Perspective Transform from Zero-Curvature Curve Points Application to the Localization of Some Generalized Cylinders
* Inverse Perspective Transform Using Zero-Curvature Contour Points: Application to the Localization of Some Generalized Cylinders from a Single View
* Locating and Modelling a Flat Symmetric Object from a Single Perspective Image
* Modelled Object Pose Estimation and Tracking by a Multi-Camera System
* Modelled Object Pose Estimation and Tracking by Monocular Vision
* Modelling Solids of Revolution by Monocular Vision
* Non-Uniform Circular Generalized Cylinders Reconstruction From Multiple Perspective Views
* Planar Partially Occluded Objects Scene Analysis
* Real time tracking with occlusion and illumination variations
* Real-time Registration for Image Moisaicing
* Real-Time Tracking with Classifiers
* Realtime Kernel based Machine Learning Template Matching (KMLT)
* Recognition of Conics in Contours Using Their Geometrical Properties
* Recognition, Pose and Tracking of Modelled Polyhedral Objects by Multi-Ocular Vision
* Recovering the Scaling Function of a SHGC from a Single Perspective View
* Robust real time tracking of a vehicle by image processing
* Segments Matching: Comparison Between a Neural Approach and a Classical Optimization Way
* Spatial Localization of Modelled Objects of Revolution in Monocular Perspective Vision
* Triangulation for Points on Lines
* Underwater Camera Calibration
* Visual pedestrian recognition in weak classifier space using nonlinear parametric models
Includes: Lapreste, J.T. Lapresté, J.T. Lapreste, J.T.[Jean-Thierry] Lapresté, J.T.[Jean-Thierry]
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Laprie, Y. Co Author Listing * Global active method for automatic formant tracking guided by local processing
* Tracking articulators in X-ray images with minimal user interaction: Example of the tongue extraction

Laprise, P.O.[Pierre Olivier] Co Author Listing * FPGA-Based People Detection System, An
Includes: Laprise, P.O.[Pierre Olivier] Laprise, P.O.[Pierre-Olivier]

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