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Lall, B.[Brejesh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive CNN filter pruning using global importance metric
* AnoLeaf: Unsupervised Leaf Disease Segmentation via Structurally Robust Generative Inpainting
* Automatic Quantification of Plant Disease from Field Image Data Using Deep Learning
* Automatic Quantification of Stomata for High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping
* Computer Aided Diagnosis of Pleural Effusion in Tuberculosis Chest Radiographs
* Conditional Random Field based salient proposal set generation and its application in content aware seam carving
* Context-Based Semantic Tagging of Multimedia Data
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Based Framework for Estimation of Stomata Density and Structure from Microscopic Images
* DeepPoint3D: Learning discriminative local descriptors using deep metric learning on 3D point clouds
* DEMD-based video coding for textured videos in an H.264/MPEG framework
* Drought Stress Classification Using 3D Plant Models
* Estimation of Source Wavelet From Seismic Traces Using Groebner Bases
* Exploiting Perception for Face Analysis: Image Abstraction for Head Pose Estimation
* Extraction of Phenotypic Traits for Drought Stress Study Using Hyperspectral Images
* flexible architecture for multi-view 3DTV based on uncalibrated cameras, A
* free viewpoint 3DTV system based on parameterized variety model, A
* Hierarchical Framework for Leaf Instance Segmentation: Application to Plant Phenotyping, A
* Image Analogy Based Document Image Compression
* Image Annotation Using Latent Components and Transmedia Association
* Incremental Learning of Non-stationary Temporal Causal Networks for Telecommunication Domain
* Kinect-Variety Fusion: A Novel Hybrid Approach for Artifacts-Free 3DTV Content Generation
* Large Scale Novel Object Discovery in 3D
* Memorability-based image compression
* Novel Hybrid Kinect-Variety-Based High-Quality Multiview Rendering Scheme for Glass-Free 3D Displays, A
* novel variety-based 3DTV content generation scheme for casually captured sparse photo collections, A
* Parameterized Variety Based View Synthesis Scheme for Multi-view 3DTV
* Parameterized variety for multi-view multi-exposure image synthesis and high dynamic range stereo reconstruction
* Parametric coding of texture in multi-view videos for 3DTV
* Parametric Video Compression Scheme Using AR Based Texture Synthesis
* Parametric Video Compression Using Epitome Based Texture Synthesis
* Performance Evalution of 3D Keypoint Detectors and Descriptors for Plants Health Classification
* Phenotyping of xylem vessels for drought stress analysis in rice
* RBF based spatio-temporal representation technique for video compression
* Saliency and KAZE features assisted object segmentation
* Saliency map based image steganography
* Saliency map based improved segmentation
* Salprop: Salient object proposals via aggregated edge cues
* Space-Time Parameterized Variety Manifolds: A Novel Approach for Arbitrary Multi-perspective 3D View Generation
* Space-Time Super-Resolution Using Deep Learning Based Framework
* UnDispNet: Unsupervised Learning for Multi-Stage Monocular Depth Prediction
* Unsupervised Learning of Affinity for Image Segmentation: An Inpainting based Approach
* Using Scene Graphs for Detecting Visual Relationships
* Video Compression Scheme Using DEMD Based Texture Synthesis
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Lall, B.[Brejesh] Lall, B.
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Lall, S.[Snehalika] Co Author Listing * Stable feature selection using copula based mutual information

Lalla Ruiz, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Multi-stage approach for the transshipment of import containers at maritime container terminals
Includes: Lalla Ruiz, E.[Eduardo] Lalla-Ruiz, E.[Eduardo]

Lallah, C.[Chattun] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic knowledge extraction, representation and context-sensitive intelligent retrieval of video content using collateral context modelling with scalable ontological networks

Lallemand, J.[Joe] Co Author Listing * Human Pose Estimation in Stereo Images
* Multi-task Forest for Human Pose Estimation in Depth Images
* Pedestrian Orientation Estimation
* Tracking planes with Time of Flight cameras and J-linkage
Includes: Lallemand, J.[Joe] Lallemand, J.

Lallement, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Joint filtering estimation of Stokes vector images based on a nonlocal means approach

Lallican, P.M. Co Author Listing * analytical handwritten word recognition system with word-level discriminant training, An
* Finding regions of interest in document images by planar HMM
* Kalman Approach for Stroke Order Recovering from Off-Line Handwriting, A
* N-gram and N-class models for on line handwriting recognition
* Recognition-directed recovering of temporal information from handwriting images
* Statistical Language Models for On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* two-stage online handwritten Chinese character segmentation algorithm based on dynamic programming, A
Includes: Lallican, P.M. Lallican, P.M.[Pierre-Michel]
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Lallich, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * test to control a region growing process within a hierarchical graph, A
Includes: Lallich, S.[Stephane] Lallich, S.[Stéphane]

Lallier, C. Co Author Listing * testing framework for background subtraction algorithms comparison in intrusion detection context, A

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