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La Riviere, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy I. Basic theory
* Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy II. Paraxial 4f imaging

La Riviere, P.J. Co Author Listing * Anti-aliasing weighting functions for single-slice helical CT
* Correction for Resolution Nonuniformities Caused by Anode Angulation in Computed Tomography
* Effects of Different Imaging Models on Least-Squares Image Reconstruction Accuracy in Photoacoustic Tomography
* Guest Editorial Low-Dose CT: What Has Been Done, and What Challenges Remain?
* Longitudinal aliasing in multislice helical computed tomography: sampling and cone-beam effects
* Monotonic penalized-likelihood image reconstruction for X-ray fluorescence computed tomography
* Penalized-Likelihood Sinogram Restoration for Computed Tomography
* Reduction of noise-induced streak artifacts in X-ray computed tomography through spline-based penalized-likelihood sinogram smoothing
* Sampling and Aliasing Consequences of Quarter-Detector Offset Use in Helical CT
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La Rocca, D. Co Author Listing * EEG for Automatic Person Recognition

La Rosa, F. Co Author Listing * Badge3D for Visually Impaired

La Rosa, L.E.C.[Laura Elena Cue] Co Author Listing * Combining Deep Learning and Prior Knowledge for Crop Mapping in Tropical Regions from Multitemporal SAR Image Sequences
Includes: La Rosa, L.E.C.[Laura Elena Cue] La Rosa, L.E.C.[Laura Elena Cué]

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