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Kutics, A. Co Author Listing * Combining words and object-based visual features in image retrieval
* Detecting Prominent Objects for Image Retrieval
* Image retrieval via connecting words to salient objects
* Layered Self-Organizing Map for Image Classification in Unrestricted Domains
* Naming of Image Regions for User-Friendly Image Retrieval
* new parallel method based on a genetic approach for determination and classification of skin spots, A
* Object-Based Image Retrieval System Using an Inhomogeneous Diffusion Model, An
* Relating words and image segments on multiple layers for effective browsing and retrieval
* Segment-based image classifcaton using Layered-SOM
* Semantic Browsing and Retrieval in Image Libraries
* Use of Adaptive Still Image Descriptors for Annotation of Video Frames
Includes: Kutics, A. Kutics, A.[Andrea]
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Kutiel, P. Co Author Listing * Remote-Sensing of Vegetation Cover Along A Climatological Gradient

Kutil, R. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic 3-d wavelet packet bases for video coding
* Unequally protected SPIHT video codec for low bit rate transmission over highly error-prone mobile channels

Kutila, M.[Matti] Co Author Listing * Driver Distraction Detection with a Camera Vision System

Kutiyanawala, A.[Aliasgar] Co Author Listing * Demo: ShopMobile II: Eyes-free supermarket grocery shopping for visually impaired mobile phone users

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