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Kume, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * Bundle adjustment using aerial images with two-stage geometric verification
* Detection of 3D points on moving objects from point cloud data for 3D modeling of outdoor environments
* Extrinsic Camera Parameter Estimation Using Video Images and GPS Considering GPS Positioning Accuracy

Kume, S.[Shinichi] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of a Driver Assistance System With Deceleration Control and Brake Hold Functions in Stop Sign Intersection Scenarios

Kumer, J. Co Author Listing * Total Column Methane Retrievals Using The Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometer Over Sunglint

Kumer, V.M.[Valerie Marie] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Turbulence in Wind Turbine Wakes under Different Stability Conditions from Static Doppler LiDAR Measurements
Includes: Kumer, V.M.[Valerie Marie] Kumer, V.M.[Valerie-Marie]

Kumeta, A.[Ayaka] Co Author Listing * In-Flight Radiometric Calibration of Compact Infrared Camera (CIRC) Instruments Onboard ALOS-2 Satellite and International Space Station

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