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Kuch, J.J.[James J.] Co Author Listing * Vision Based Hand Modeling and Tracking for Virtual Teleconferencing and Telecollaboration

Kuch, V.[Verena] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification using Google Earth Engine and Random Forest Classifier: The Role of Image Composition

Kuchar, J.K. Co Author Listing * Preliminary study of behavioral and safety effects of driver dependence on a warning system in a driving simulator

Kuchar, S. Co Author Listing * Earth Observation-supported Service Platform For The Development And Provision Of Thematic Information On The Built Environment: The Tep-urban Project

Kucharczak, F. Co Author Listing * Confidence Interval Constraint-Based Regularization Framework for PET Quantization
* Regularized selection: A new paradigm for inverse based regularized image reconstruction techniques

Kucharczakr, F. Co Author Listing * Copy Sensitive Graphical Code Quality Improvement Using a Super-Resolution Technique

Kucharczyk, M.[Maja] Co Author Listing * Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: A Primer and Future Directions

Kucharik, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Relationship between Air and Land Surface Temperature within the Madison, Wisconsin Urban Heat Island, The

Kucharik, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Combining Evapotranspiration and Soil Apparent Electrical Conductivity Mapping to Identify Potential Precision Irrigation Benefits

Kucharova, M.[Michaela] Co Author Listing * Using Various Types of Multimedia Resources to Train System for Automatic Transcription of Czech Historical Oral Archives

Kucharski, D. Co Author Listing * Attitude and Spin Period of Space Debris Envisat Measured by Satellite Laser Ranging
* Skin_hair Dataset: Setting the Benchmark for Effective Hair Inpainting Methods for Improving the Image Quality of Dermoscopic Images
Includes: Kucharski, D. Kucharski, D.[Dariusz]

Kucharski, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Dual LDA: An effective feature space reduction method for face recognition
* Face Recognition by Fisher and Scatter Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Feature Space Reduction for Face Recognition with Dual Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Image Object Localization by AdaBoost Classifier

Kuchcinski, K. Co Author Listing * Code generation for a SIMD architecture with custom memory organisation

Kuchenbecker, J.A.[James A.] Co Author Listing * Cone-isolating ON-OFF electroretinogram for studying chromatic pathways in the retina

Kuchenbecker, K.J. Co Author Listing * Perception of Springs With Visual and Proprioceptive Motion Cues: Implications for Prosthetics
* Reconstructing Signing Avatars from Video Using Linguistic Priors
* Vibrotactile Display: Perception, Technology, and Applications
Includes: Kuchenbecker, K.J. Kuchenbecker, K.J.[Katherine J.]

Kucher, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Detection of Changes in Arable Chernozemic Soil Health Based on Landsat TM Archive Data

Kucher, D.E.[Dmitry E.] Co Author Listing * Detecting, Analyzing, and Predicting Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Changes in Arid Regions Using Landsat Images, CA-Markov Hybrid Model, and GIS Techniques

Kucher, I.[Inna] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Transfer Learning under Constraints, A
* Improving Normalizing Flows with the Approximate Mass for Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Surround the Nonlinearity: Inserting Foldable Convolutional Autoencoders to Reduce Activation Footprint

Kucher, O.D.[Olga D.] Co Author Listing * Detecting, Analyzing, and Predicting Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Changes in Arid Regions Using Landsat Images, CA-Markov Hybrid Model, and GIS Techniques

Kuchhold, M. Co Author Listing * Scale-Adaptive Real-Time Crowd Detection and Counting for Drone Images
Includes: Kuchhold, M. Küchhold, M. (Maybe also Kuechhold, M.)

Kuchi, K. Co Author Listing * Continuous QoE Evaluation Framework for Video Streaming Over HTTP, A
* Streaming Video QoE Modeling and Prediction: A Long Short-Term Memory Approach

Kuchibhotla, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Filtering-Out of the Back-to-Front Interference in Color Documents with a Neural Classifier
* Paper widgets: Visually aesthetic smarts for document images
* Real-time embedded skew detection and frame removal
* Real-time optimal-memory image rotation for embedded systems
Includes: Kuchibhotla, A. Kuchibhotla, A.[Anjaneyulu]

Kuchibhotla, A.K.[Arun K.] Co Author Listing * Nested conformal prediction and quantile out-of-bag ensemble methods

Kuchibhotla, H.C.[Hari Chandana] Co Author Listing * Unseen Classes at a Later Time? No Problem

Kuchin, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Water Level in the Ili River from Sentinel-2 Optical Data Using Ensemble Machine Learning

Kuchinke, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Reduction of Map Information Regulates Visual Attention without Affecting Route Recognition Performance

Kuchinskaia, O.[Olesia] Co Author Listing * ERA5 Reanalysis for the Data Interpretation on Polarization Laser Sensing of High-Level Clouds

Kuchitsu, N.[Nobuaki] Co Author Listing * Illumination Simulation for Archaeological Investigation
* Kyushu Decorative Tumuli Project: From e-Heritage to Cyber-Archaeology
* Sunlight Illumination Simulation for Archaeological Investigation: Case Study of the Fugoppe Cave

Kuchler, M.[Meinrad] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Potential of WorldView-2 Data to Classify Tree Species and Different Levels of Ash Mortality
* Potential of Digital Sensors for Land Cover and Tree Species Classifications A Case Study in the Framework of the DGPF-Project
Includes: Kuchler, M.[Meinrad] Küchler, M.[Meinrad] (Maybe also Kuechler, M.)

Kuchler, P.C.[Patrick Calvano] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Complex Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems at Regional Scale in Brazil: A Big Earth Observation Data Approach

Kuchly, H.[Helga] Co Author Listing * Mangroves of the Zambezi Delta: Increase in Extent Observed via Satellite from 1994 to 2013, The
Includes: Kuchly, H.[Helga] Küchly, H.[Helga] (Maybe also Kuechly, H.)

Kuchment, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction from Compton Camera Data

Kuchnio, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * GPU-Accelerated Foveation for Video Frame Rate Tracking
* parallel mapping of optical flow to Compute Unified Device Architecture for motion-based image segmentation, A

Kuchukhidze, G.[Georgi] Co Author Listing * Can SPHARM-Based Features from Automated or Manually Segmented Hippocampi Distinguish Between MCI and TLE?

Kuchynka, J.[Jiri] Co Author Listing * Extraction of breathing features using MS Kinect for sleep stage detection
* Sleep scoring using polysomnography data features
Includes: Kuchynka, J.[Jiri] Kuchynka, J.[Jirí]

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