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Kubrak, D. Co Author Listing * Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of GNSS Signals for Electronic Toll Collection

Kubrick, A. Co Author Listing * Perceptually based directional classified gain-shape vector quantization

Kubrusly, C.S. Co Author Listing * Influence of the Wavelet Family in the Compression-Denoising Technique on Synthetic and Natural Images

Kubryakov, A.[Arseny] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Large- and Mesoscale Dynamics in the Black Sea Region from Satellite Imagery and Altimetry Data: A Comparison of Two Methods

Kubryakov, A.A.[Arseny Alexandrovich] Co Author Listing * Interannual Variability of the Lena River Plume Propagation in 1993-2020 during the Ice-Free Period on the Base of Satellite Salinity, Temperature, and Altimetry Measurements
* Submesoscale Currents from UAV: An Experiment over Small-Scale Eddies in the Coastal Black Sea
Includes: Kubryakov, A.A.[Arseny Alexandrovich] Kubryakov, A.A.[Arseny A.]

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