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Krylov, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mucous Glands Segmentation in Histological Images
* CNN Based Retinal Image Upscaling Using Zero Component Analysis
* Cross-Frame Ultrasonic Color Doppler Flow Heart Image Unwrapping
* Deblurred Images Post-Processing by Poisson Warping
* Dermatological Image Denoising Using Adaptive Henlm Method
* Evaluating Landsat and RapidEye Data for Winter Wheat Mapping and Area Estimation in Punjab, Pakistan
* Fast medical image registration using bidirectional empirical mode decomposition
* Image Ridge Denoising Using No-Reference Metric
* Image Sharpening With Blur Map Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Image Warping in Dermatological Image Hair Removal
* Single parameter post-processing method for image deblurring
* Ultrasound despeckling by anisotropic diffusion and total variation methods for liver fibrosis diagnostics
* Vessel Preserving CNN-Based Image Resampling of Retinal Images
Includes: Krylov, A. Krylov, A.[Andrey] Krylov, A.[Alexander]
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Krylov, A.S.[Andrey S.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive total variation deringing method for image interpolation
* Correlation-based 2D registration method for single particle cryo-EM images
* Edge-Directed Image Interpolation Using Color Gradient Information
* Edge-preserving nonlinear iterative image resampling method
* Efficient sampling strategy and refinement strategy for randomized circle detection
* Fast Hermite Projection Method
* Fast Super-Resolution Using Weighted Median Filtering
* Gauss-Laguerre keypoints descriptors for color images
* Gauss-Laguerre Keypoints Extraction Using Fast Hermite Projection Method
* Graph-cut based antialiasing for Doppler ultrasound color flow medical imaging
* Grid warping in total variation image enhancement methods
* Learning Local Quality-Aware Structures of Salient Regions for Stereoscopic Images via Deep Neural Networks
* Scale-space method of image ringing estimation
* Using Blood Vessels Location Information in Optic Disk Segmentation
Includes: Krylov, A.S.[Andrey S.] Krylov, A.S.
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Krylov, V.A.[Vladimir A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Discovery and Geotagging of Objects from Street View Imagery
* Change detection with synthetic aperture radar images by Wilcoxon statistic likelihood ratio test
* False discovery rate approach to image change detection
* False Discovery Rate Approach to Unsupervised Image Change Detection
* Fast Road Network Extraction from Remotely Sensed Images
* Harmonic convolutional networks based on discrete cosine transform
* IM2ELEVATION: Building Height Estimation from Single-View Aerial Imagery
* Object Geolocation Using MRF Based Multi-Sensor Fusion
* On the Method of Logarithmic Cumulants for Parametric Probability Density Function Estimation
* Stochastic Extraction of Elongated Curvilinear Structures in Mammographic Images
* Stochastic Extraction of Elongated Curvilinear Structures With Applications
* Supervised Classification of Multisensor and Multiresolution Remote Sensing Images With a Hierarchical Copula-Based Approach
* Unsupervised Learning of Generalized Gamma Mixture Model With Application in Statistical Modeling of High-Resolution SAR Images
Includes: Krylov, V.A.[Vladimir A.] Krylov, V.A.
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