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Korc, F.[Filip] Co Author Listing * Approximate Parameter Learning in Conditional Random Fields: An Empirical Investigation
* Interpretation Terrestrial Images of Urban Scenes Using Discriminative Random Fields

Korchagin, D.[Danil] Co Author Listing * Fast Hermite Projection Method
* Multimodal Cue Detection Engine for Orchestrated Entertainment

Korchek, D.P.[Dennis P.] Co Author Listing * Influence of Multimodal 3D Visualizations on Learning Acquisition, The

Korchemkina, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Blue Color Indices as a Reference for Remote Sensing of Black Sea Water

Korchemkina, E.N.[Elena N.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm of Additional Correction of Level 2 Remote Sensing Reflectance Data Using Modelling of the Optical Properties of the Black Sea Waters
* Regional Models for High-Resolution Retrieval of Chlorophyll a and TSM Concentrations in the Gorky Reservoir by Sentinel-2 Imagery

Korchi, A.[Anis] Co Author Listing * Interactive Urban and Forest Fire Simulation with Extinguishment Support

Korcyl, G. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Single-Chip, Real-Time Tomographic Data Processing on FPGA SoC Devices

Korczak Abshire, M. Co Author Listing * Indicator Species Population Monitoring in Antarctica with UAV
* Mapping Glacier Forelands Based on UAV BVLOS Operation in Antarctica
Includes: Korczak Abshire, M. Korczak-Abshire, M. Korczak-Abshire, M.[Malgorzata]

Korczak, J.[Jerzy] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Biometric Person Authentication Using Face and Voice Features

Korczak, J.J. Co Author Listing * MACLAW: A modular approach for clustering with local attribute weighting

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