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Kermad, C. Co Author Listing * Improving Feature Tracking by Robust Points of Interest Selection
* Multi-bands Image Segmentation: A Scalar Approach

Kermad, C.D.[Chafik Djalal] Co Author Listing * Automatic image segmentation system through iterative edge-region co-operation

Kermani, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * robust adaptive algorithm of moving object detection for video surveillance, A

Kermani, G. Co Author Listing * Robocodes: Towards Generative Street Addresses from Satellite Imagery

Kermani, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia based on extending the multifractal features
* Fully 3D System for Cardiac Wall Deformation Analysis in MRI Data, A
Includes: Kermani, S.[Saeed] Kermani, S.

Kermarrec, A.M.[Anne Marie] Co Author Listing * Quicker ADC: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Product Quantization With SIMD
Includes: Kermarrec, A.M.[Anne Marie] Kermarrec, A.M.[Anne-Marie]

Kermarrec, G.[Gael] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the temporal correlations of TLS range observations from plane fitting residuals
* Classification of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds: A Comparison of Methods for Landslide Monitoring from Mathematical Surface Approximation
* Deformation Analysis Using B-Spline Surface with Correlated Terrestrial Laser Scanner Observations: A Bridge Under Load
* Fitting Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds with T-Splines: Local Refinement Strategy for Rigid Body Motion
* Recent Advances in Modelling Geodetic Time Series and Applications for Earth Science and Environmental Monitoring
Includes: Kermarrec, G.[Gael] Kermarrec, G.[GaŽl]

Kermen, A. Co Author Listing * multi-sensor integrated head-mounted display setup for augmented reality applications, A

Kermgard, B.[Bonnie] Co Author Listing * Bayesian geometric modeling of indoor scenes
* Understanding Bayesian Rooms Using Composite 3D Object Models

Kermi, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Fully automated brain tumour segmentation system in 3D-MRI using symmetry analysis of brain and level sets

Kerminen, R. Co Author Listing * Analysing traffic fluency from bus data
* Metadata in Sequential Real-Time 2-D Detection

Kermisch, D.[Dorian] Co Author Listing * Rotation of digital images

Kermit, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Audio signal identification via pattern capture and template matching
* Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome by monitoring patients airflow signals

Kermode, L.[Lachlan] Co Author Listing * Detecting Tear Gas Canisters With Limited Training Data

Kermode, R.G. Co Author Listing * Coding for content: enhanced resolution from coding

Kermorgant, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Complete Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four-Point Problem
* Platooning of Car-Like Vehicles in Urban Environments: An Observer-Based Approach Considering Actuator Dynamics and Time Delays

Kermorvant, C. Co Author Listing * A2iA-Telecom ParisTech-UOB System for the ICDAR 2009 Handwriting Recognition Competition, The
* Confidence Estimation for Object Detection in Document Images
* Dynamic and Contextual Information in HMM Modeling for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Feature Extraction with Convolutional Neural Networks for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Framewise and CTC training of Neural Networks for handwriting recognition
* From Isolated Handwritten Characters to Fields Recognition: There's Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip
* Fully convolutional network with dilated convolutions for handwritten text line segmentation
* Handwritten Information Extraction from Historical Census Documents
* Handwritten Mail Classification Experiments with the Rimes Database
* Hybrid word/Part-of-Arabic-Word Language Models for arabic text document recognition
* LAM Dataset: A Novel Benchmark for Line-Level Handwritten Text Recognition, The
* Learning to detect, localize and recognize many text objects in document images from few examples
* LIMSI handwriting recognition system for the HTRtS 2014 contest, The
* Multiple Document Datasets Pre-training Improves Text Line Detection With Deep Neural Networks
* On the Evaluation of Handwritten Text Line Detection Algorithms
* Paragraph text segmentation into lines with Recurrent Neural Networks
* Sample-Dependent Feature Selection for Faster Document Image Categorization
* Where to apply dropout in recurrent neural networks for handwriting recognition?
Includes: Kermorvant, C. Kermorvant, C.[Christopher]
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