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Kelbe, D. Co Author Listing * Marker-Free Registration of Forest Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data Pairs With Embedded Confidence Metrics
* Multiview Marker-Free Registration of Forest Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data With Embedded Confidence Metrics
* Novel Automatic Method for the Fusion of ALS and TLS LiDAR Data for Robust Assessment of Tree Crown Structure, A
* Simulation-Based Approach to Assess Subpixel Vegetation Structural Variation Impacts on Global Imaging Spectroscopy, A
* Virtual ground control for survey-grade terrain modelling from satellite imagery
Includes: Kelbe, D. Kelbe, D.[Dave]

Kelbe, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * multi-scale fully convolutional network for semantic labeling of 3D point clouds, A

Kelber, C.R.[Christian Roberto] Co Author Listing * lane departure warning system based on a linear-parabolic lane model, A
* Lane following and lane departure using a linear-parabolic model
* Predictive Controller for Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking, A
Includes: Kelber, C.R.[Christian Roberto] Kelber, C.R.

Kelber, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Hardware-Efficient Ultrasonic Entrance Counting: Comparing Different Machine Learning Approaches

Kelberlau, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Taking the Motion out of Floating LIDAR: Turbulence Intensity Estimates with a Continuous-Wave Wind Lidar

Kelbert, A. Co Author Listing * On-Orbit Star-Based Calibration and Modulation Transfer Function Measurements for PLEIADES High-Resolution Optical Sensors

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