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Karjalainen, J. Co Author Listing * Short-Term Prediction of Electricity Outages Caused by Convective Storms

Karjalainen, M.[Mika] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Monitoring Using Envisat Alternating Polarization SAR Images
* Analysis of Ku-Band Profiling Radar Observations of Boreal Forest, An
* Cereal Yield Modeling in Finland Using Optical and Radar Remote Sensing
* Challenge Of Automated Change Detection: Developing A Method For The Updating Of Land Parcels, The
* Combination of Low Pulse ALS Data and TERRASAR-X Radar images in the Estimation of Plot-Level Forest Variables
* Comparing Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanning and TerraSAR-X Radar Images in the Estimation of Plot-Level Forest Variables
* Comparison of Canopy Height Profiles Extracted from Ku-band Profile Radar Waveforms and LiDAR Data, The
* Comparison of Laser and Stereo Optical, SAR and InSAR Point Clouds from Air- and Space-Borne Sources in the Retrieval of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Comparison of Precise Leveling and Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry for Building Subsidence Rate Measurement, A
* Estimating Ground Level and Canopy Top Elevation With Airborne Microwave Profiling Radar
* Extracting Urban Morphology for Atmospheric Modeling From Multispectral and SAR Satellite Imagery
* Integrating Vegetation Indices Models and Phenological Classification with Composite SAR and Optical Data for Cereal Yield Estimation in Finland (Part I)
* Monitoring Changes in Rice Cultivated Area from SAR and Optical Satellite Images in Ben Tre and Tra Vinh Provinces in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
* Pedestrian Smartphone Navigation Based on Weighted Graph Factor Optimization Utilizing GPS/BDS Multi-Constellation
* Performance of dense digital surface models based on image matching in the estimation of plot-level forest variables
* Prediction of Forest Stand Attributes Using TerraSAR-X Stereo Imagery
* Remote sensing methods for power line corridor surveys
* Review on Active and Passive Remote Sensing Techniques for Road Extraction
* TanDEM-X digital surface models in boreal forest above-ground biomass change detection
* TerraSAR-X Stereo Radargrammetry and Airborne Scanning LiDAR Height Metrics in Imputation of Forest Aboveground Biomass and Stem Volume
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning of Agricultural Crops
* UAV-Borne Profiling Radar for Forest Research
* WebGL Visualisation of 3D Environmental Models Based on Finnish Open Geospatial Data Sets
Includes: Karjalainen, M.[Mika] Karjalainen, M.
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Karjalainen, P.A. Co Author Listing * new computational approach for cortical imaging, A
* Time-varying reconstruction in single photon emission computed tomography

Karjanto, J.[Juffrizal] Co Author Listing * Reading During Fully Automated Driving: A Study of the Effect of Peripheral Visual and Haptic Information on Situation Awareness and Mental Workload

Karjauv, A.[Adil] Co Author Listing * Data-free Universal Adversarial Perturbation and Black-box Attack
* Investigating Top-k White-Box and Transferable Black-box Attack
* Revisiting Batch Normalization for Improving Corruption Robustness

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