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Kanugo, T. Co Author Listing * Global And Local Document Degradation Models
* Nonlinear Local and Global Document Degradation Models

Kanuk, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and UAV Photogrammetry in Mapping Alpine Terrain
* High Resolution Airborne Laser Scanning And Hyperspectral Imaging With A Small UAV Platform
* High-resolution Urban Greenery Mapping for Micro-climate Modelling Based On 3D City Models
* Mapping Soil Degradation on Arable Land with Aerial Photography and Erosion Models, Case Study from Danube Lowland, Slovakia
* Testing of V3.sun Module Prototype for Solar Radiation Modelling On 3d Objects With Complex Geometric Structure
Includes: Kanuk, J.[Jan] Kanuk, J.[JŠn] Kanuk, J.

Kanuki, Y.[Yuta] Co Author Listing * Automatic Compensation of Radial Distortion by Minimizing Entropy of Histogram of Oriented Gradients
* Speeding Up and Performance Evaluation of a Fully Automatic Radial Distortion Compensation Algorithm for Driving Assistance Cameras

Kanukotla, A.[Anuradha] Co Author Listing * Method to Improve UI Rendering using Predictive Sequence Modelling

Kanuma, A. Co Author Listing * VLSI Processor for Image Processing

Kanumuri, S. Co Author Listing * Predicting H.264 Packet Loss Visibility using a Generalized Linear Model
* Versatile Model for Packet Loss Visibility and its Application to Packet Prioritization, A
* Video Coding Using a Simplified Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques
* Visibility of individual packet losses in MPEG-2 video

Kanumuri, T.[Tirupathiraju] Co Author Listing * Early detection of cancerous tissues in human breast utilizing near field microwave holography
* Progressive medical image coding using binary wavelet transforms
* Sequency codes for palmprint recognition

Kanungo, P.[Priyadarshi] Co Author Listing * Classification of Objects and Background Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based Clustering
* fast valley-based segmentation for detection of slowly moving objects, A
* Motion and illumination defiant cut detection based on Weber features
* motion and illumination resilient framework for automatic shot boundary detection, A
* Neighbourhood decision based impulse noise filter
Includes: Kanungo, P.[Priyadarshi] Kanungo, P.

Kanungo, T.[Tapas] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kanungo, T.[Tapas]: kanungo AT cfar umd edu
* Analysis of a Simple k-means Clustering Algorithm, The
* Approximating large convolutions in digital images
* architecture of TrueViz: A groundTRUth/metadata editing and VIsualiZing ToolKit, The
* Attributed point matching for automatic groundtruth generation
* Automatic Closed-Loop Methodology for Generating Character Groundtruth for Scanned Documents, An
* Automatic Generation of Character Groundtruth for Scanned Documents: A Closed-Loop Approach
* Automatic Training of Page Segmentation Algorithms: An Optimization Approach
* Bible, Truth, and Multilingual OCR Evaluation, The
* Constrained monotone regression of ROC curves and histograms using splines and polynomials
* Document Degradation Models: Parameter Estimation and Model Validation
* Downhill Simplex Algorithm for Estimating Morphological Degradation Model Parameters, A
* Efficient k-Means Clustering Algorithm: Analysis and Implementation, An
* Empirical Performance Evaluation Methodology and Its Application to Page Segmentation Algorithms
* Error Propagation and Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Estimating Degradation Model Parameters Using Neighborhood Pattern Distributions: An Optimization Approach
* Estimation of Morphological Degradation Parameters
* Fast Algorithm for MDL-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation, A
* Full-text Access to Historical Newspapers
* Gray-scale structuring element decomposition
* Hierarchical Organization of Appearance Based Parts and Relations for Object Recognition
* Methodology for Empirical Performance Evaluation of Page Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Methodology for Quantitative Performance Evaluation of Detection Algorithms, A
* Morphological Decomposition of Restricted Domains: A Vector Space Solution
* Morphological Degradation Models and Their Use in Document Image Restoration
* Morphological image processing on a token passing pyramid computer
* Multivariate Hypothesis Testing for Gaussian Data: Theory and Software
* Object Recognition Using Appearance Based Parts and Relations
* Object Representation Using Appearance-based Parts and Relations
* On the Use of Error Propagation for Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Paired Model Evaluation of OCR Algorithms
* Point Matching Algorithm for Automatic Groundtruth Generation, A
* Power Functions and Their Use in Selecting Distance Functions for Document Degradation Model Validation
* Quantitative Methodology for Analyzing the Performance of Detection Algorithms, A
* Receiver Operating Curves and Optimal Bayesian Operating Points
* Recursive opening transform
* Software Architecture of PSET: A Page Segmentation Evaluation Toolkit
* Special Issue on Performance Evaluation: Theory, Practice, and Impact
* Statistical Validation of Computer Vision Software
* Statistical, Nonparametric Methodology for Document Degradation Model Validation, A
* Stochastic attributed K-D tree modeling of technical paper title pages
* Stochastic language models for style-directed layout analysis of document images
* Vector-Space Solution for a Morphological Shape-Decomposition Problem
Includes: Kanungo, T.[Tapas] Kanungo, T.
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