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Jetta, M.[Mahipal] Co Author Listing * On Trainable Multiplicative Noise Removal Models

Jetten, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Quantifying Sediment Deposition Volume in Vegetated Areas with UAV Data

Jetten, V.F.[Victor F.] Co Author Listing * Object-oriented analysis of multi-temporal panchromatic images for creation of historical landslide inventories

Jetten, V.G.[Victor G.] Co Author Listing * Distinguishing between Hazardous Flooding and Non-Hazardous Agronomic Inundation in Irrigated Rice Fields: A Case Study from West Java
* Segment Optimization and Data-Driven Thresholding for Knowledge-Based Landslide Detection by Object-Based Image Analysis
Includes: Jetten, V.G.[Victor G.] Jetten, V.G.

Jetter, V. Co Author Listing * Monitoring and inspecting overhead wires and supporting structures

Jetto, L. Co Author Listing * invariant approach for image registration in digital subtraction angiography, An
* Two-Dimensional Adaptive Smoothing Algorithm with Edge Information for Recursive Image Restoration
* Two-Dimensional Recursive Filtering Algorithm with Edge-Preserving Properties and Reduced Numerical Complexity
Includes: Jetto, L. Jetto, L.[Leopoldo]

Jettou, G.[Ghita] Co Author Listing * Drifting Phase of SARAL: Securing Stable Ocean Mesoscale Sampling with an Unmaintained Decaying Altitude, The
* SARAL's Full Mission Reprocessing: Improvement with the GDR-F Standard

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