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Jee, H.K.[Hyung Keun] Co Author Listing * Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Identification
Includes: Jee, H.K.[Hyung Keun] Jee, H.K.[Hyung-Keun]

Jee, I.[Innho] Co Author Listing * Modeling and design of multidimensional vector-quantized M-channel subband codecs
* Optimum design of vector-quantized multiresolution codecs
* Optimum Design of Vector-Quantized Subband Codecs
Includes: Jee, I.[Innho] Jee, I.

Jee, J.J.[Jung Ju] Co Author Listing * Smart Loudspeaker Arrays for Self-Coordination and User Tracking
Includes: Jee, J.J.[Jung Ju] Jee, J.J.[Jung-Ju]

Jee, R.[Raman] Co Author Listing * Comparative study of Directional antenna gain for MANET Nodes and Cluster Head Gateway in Integrated Mobile Adhoc Network

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