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Jaynes, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * email: Jaynes, C.[Christopher]: jaynes AT cs uky edu
* Camera-Based Energy Relaxation Framework to Minimize Color Artifacts in a Projected Display, A
* Class-Specific Color Camera Calibration with Application to Object Recognition
* Epipolar Contrained User Pushbutton Selection in Projected Interfaces
* Feature Uncertainty Arising from Covariant Image Noise
* Industrial Inspection and Reverse Engineering
* Joint Illumination and Shape Model for Visual Tracking, A
* Learning the Probability of Correspondences without Ground Truth
* Moving Shadow Detection using a Combined Geometric and Color Classification Approach
* Mugshot database acquisition in video surveillance networks using incremental auto-clustering quality measures
* Multi-View Calibration from Planar Motion for Video Surveillance
* Multi-view calibration from planar motion trajectories
* Multiplicative Model of Appearance for Visual Tracking, A
* Object matching in disjoint cameras using a color transfer approach
* Offline Generation of High Quality Background Subtraction Data
* Open Development Environment for Evaluation of Video Surveillance Systems, An
* Perception Framework for Inspection and Reverse Engineering, A
* Shape Space Sampling Distributions and Their Impact on Visual Tracking
* Smart Bookshelf: A Study of Camera Projector Scene Augmentation of an Everyday Environment, The
* Terrascope Dataset: Scripted Multi-Camera Indoor Video Surveillance with Ground-truth, The
* Towards Interactive Generation of Ground-truth in Background Subtraction from Partially Labeled Examples
Includes: Jaynes, C.[Christopher] Jaynes, C.
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Jaynes, C.O. Co Author Listing * Active Pursuit Tracking in a Projector-Camera System with Application to Augmented Reality
* Ascender II: A Visual Framework for 3D Reconstruction
* Ascender System: Automated Site Modeling from Multiple Aerial Images, The
* Building Reconstruction from Optical and Range Images
* Center-of-mass variation under projective transformation
* Dynamic shadow removal from front projection displays
* Knowledge Directed Reconstruction from Multiple Aerial Images
* Monitoring and Correction of Geometric Distortion in Projected Displays
* Overconstrained Linear Estimation of Radial Distortion and Multi-view Geometry
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Buildings from Multiple Aerial Images
* Recursive Recovery of Three-Dimensional Scenes
* Scene Reconstruction Research: Towards an Automatic System
* Site Model Acquisition and Extension from Aerial Images
* Site Modeling Using IFSAR and Electro-Optical Images
* Super-resolution overlay in multi-projector displays
* System for Automated Site Model Acquisition
* Task Driven Perceptual Organization for Extraction of Rooftop Polygons
* Three-Dimensional Grouping and Information Fusion for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* Three-Dimensional Grouping for Site Modeling from Aerial Images
* UMass Ascender System for 3D Site Model Construction, The
* UMass Progress in 3D Building Model Acquisition
Includes: Jaynes, C.O. Jaynes, C.O.[Christopher O.] Jaynes, C.O.[Chris O.]
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Jaynes, E.T. Co Author Listing * On the Rationale of Maximum Entropy Methods

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