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Jantan, A.[Adznan] Co Author Listing * review of wave-net identical learning and filling-in in a decomposition space of (JPG-JPEG) sampled images, A

Jantet, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate allocation for multi-view video plus depth
* Incremental-LDI for multi-view coding
* Object-based Layered Depth Images for improved virtual view synthesis in rate-constrained context

Janthawongwilai, K. Co Author Listing * Enhanced images watermarking based on amplitude modulation

Jantsch, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided Arrhythmia Diagnosis with Bio-signal Processing: A Survey of Trends and Techniques

Jantsch, M. Co Author Listing * 4D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound Data

Jantti, R. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Expansions for Heavy-Tailed Data
* On Log-Normality of RSSI in Narrowband Receivers Under Static Conditions
Includes: Jantti, R. Jäntti, R.

Jantunen, T.[Tommi] Co Author Listing * Detecting Hand-Head Occlusions in Sign Language Video
* Head Pose Estimation for Sign Language Video

Jantz, S.M.[Samuel M.] Co Author Listing * Landsat ETM+ and SRTM Data Provide Near Real-Time Monitoring of Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) Habitats in Africa

Jantzen, K.J. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal forward solution of the EEG and MEG using network modeling

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