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Janda, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Minimum description length arc spline approximation of digital curves

Janda, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Analysis of the Relative Local Speech Rate

Janda, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Full-Parallax Hologram Synthesis of Triangular Meshes using a Graphical Processing Unit
* HPO Hologram Synthesis for Full-Parallax Reconstruction Setup

Jandewerth, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Biomass Potential Based on Classification and Height Information
* Mapping Biomass Availability to Decrease the Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Jandhyala, V. Co Author Listing * Combined Steepest Descent-Fast Multipole Algorithm for the Fast Analysis of 3-Dimensional Scattering by Rough Surfaces, A

Jandova, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Generating various composite human faces from real 3D facial images
Includes: Jandova, M.[Marie] Jandová, M.[Marie]

Janduy, J. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Fingerprint Singularities Detection, A
* Novel Method for Fingerprint Image Segmentation Based on Adaptative Gabor Filters, A

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