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Iwata, A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition Using Adaptive Scale MEGI
* 3-D Object Recognition Using MEGI Model from Range Data
* Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A
* Design of a Compact Sound Localization Device on a Stand-Alone FPGA-Based Platform
* Detection Of Obstacles By The Horizon View Camera, The
* Detection of Obstacles Using Features by the Horizon View Camera, The
* Distributed Image Processing Environment VIOS III and it's Performance Evaluation, A
* Multi-Scale and Hierarchical Description Using Energy Controlled Active Balloon Model
* proposal of a new robot vision system called the horizon view camera, The
* Self-calibration and neural network implementation of photometric stereo
* Sign of Gaussian Curvature from Eigen Plane Using Principal Components Analysis
* Stereo Matching Algorithm Using a Weighted Average of Costs Aggregated by Various Window Sizes
Includes: Iwata, A. Iwata, A.[Akira] Iwata, A.[Ayami] Iwata, A.[Atsushi]
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Iwata, D.[Daichi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Sketched IRLS for Accelerated Sparse Residual Regression, An

Iwata, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Image signal processing circuit for performing motion estimation
* Motion vector processing circuit

Iwata, H.[Hiroo] Co Author Listing * Full-Surround Image Display Technologies
* Thin Film Magnetic Head Wafer Inspection Technique Using Geometrical Feature Based Image Comparison
Includes: Iwata, H.[Hiroo] Iwata, H.

Iwata, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * 3D Change Localization and Captioning from Dynamic Scans of Indoor Scenes
* AI-Based VR Earthquake Simulator
* Book cover identification by using four directional features field for a small-scale library system
* Cancer detection from biopsy images using probabilistic and discriminative features
* Capturing Digital Ink as Retrieving Fragments of Document Images
* Co-occurrence probability-based pixel pairs background model for robust object detection in dynamic scenes
* Describing and Localizing Multiple Changes with Transformers
* Dominant Codewords Selection with Topic Model for Action Recognition
* Evaluation of Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition in Dense Trajectory Framework
* Extended Co-occurrence HOG with Dense Trajectories for Fine-Grained Activity Recognition
* Extended Feature Descriptor and Vehicle Motion Model with Tracking-by-Detection for Pedestrian Active Safety
* Extended Scheme for Shape Matching with Local Descriptors, An
* Hybrid Camera Surveillance System by Using Stereo Omni-directional System and Robust Human Detection
* Image Segmentation Using a Spatially Correlated Mixture Model with Gaussian Process Priors
* Intra texture prediction based on repetitive pixel replenishment
* Lavatube: A Software Framework for Computer Vision Research and Development
* Local color distribution projection filtering using a homogeneous coordinate system
* Marginalized Viterbi algorithm for hierarchical hidden Markov models
* Matching Handwritten Line Drawings with Von Mises Distributions
* Object detection based on a robust and accurate statistical multi-point-pair model
* Occlusion Handling Human Detection with Refocused Images
* Omnidirectional Flick View
* Perceptual Color Classification Based on Lightning Environment with Hyperspectral Data
* Placing landmarks suitably for shape analysis by optimization
* Recognition of Transitional Action for Short-Term Action Prediction using Discriminative Temporal CNN Feature
* Reducing the computational cost of shape matching with the distance set
* Redundancy-Based Measure of Dissimilarity among Probability Distributions for Hierarchical Clustering Criteria, A
* Revisiting a Nearest Neighbor Method for Shape Classification
* Robust adapted object detection under complex environment
* sampling method for processing contours drawn with an uncertain stroke order and number, A
* Sampling Shape Contours Using Optimization over a Geometric Graph
* Spatially Correlated Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* Statistical Reach Feature Method and Its Application to Template Matching
* Tracking and Retrieval of Pen Tip Positions for an Intelligent Camera Pen
* View Independent Gait Identification Using a Particle Filter
* VirtualHome Action Genome: A Simulated Spatio-Temporal Scene Graph Dataset with Consistent Relationship Labels
Includes: Iwata, K.[Kenji] Iwata, K. Iwata, K.[Kazumasa] Iwata, K.[Kazunori] Iwata, K.[Kenichi] Iwata, K.[Keisuke]
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Iwata, M.[Motoi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Landmark-guided Face Image Generation for Anime Characters Using C2-GAN
* Digital Watermarking Method for Printed Matters Using Deep Learning for Detecting Watermarked Areas
* Digital Watermarking Method to Extract Watermarks from Printed Matters with Cell Phone by Using Finder Patterns and Alignment Pattern of QR Code
* Exploring Sensor Modalities to Capture User Behaviors for Reading Detection
* Face Image Generation of Anime Characters Using an Advanced First Order Motion Model with Facial Landmarks
* Image Compression Based on BTC-DPCM and its Data-Driven Parallel Implementation
* Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
* Manga Vocabulometer, A New Support System for Extensive Reading with Japanese Manga Translated into English
* Practical Watermarking Method Estimating Watermarked Region from Recaptured Videos on Smartphone
* Segmentation of Page Images Using the Area Voronoi Diagram
* Share Me: A Digital Annotation Sharing Service for Paper Documents with Multiple Clients Support
* Speech balloon and speaker association for comics and manga understanding
Includes: Iwata, M.[Motoi] Iwata, M.
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Iwata, S.[Sho] Co Author Listing * Dense 3D Reconstruction of Specular and Transparent Objects Using Stereo Cameras and Phase-Shift Method
* LFIR2Pose: Pose Estimation from an Extremely Low-resolution FIR image Sequence
* Object Detection Based on Multiresolution CoHOG
* Recognition and transition frame detection of Arabic news captions for video retrieval
* Refining Design Spaces in Knowledge Distillation for Deep Collaborative Learning
Includes: Iwata, S.[Sho] Iwata, S.[Saki] Iwata, S.[Sohei] Iwata, S. Iwata, S.[Sachi]

Iwata, T.[Tomoharu] Co Author Listing * Dynamic mode decomposition via convolutional autoencoders for dynamics modeling in videos
* OKIRAKU search: Leaf images based visual tree search system
* Probabilistic Pedestrian Models for Estimating Unobserved Road Populations
* Time-delayed collective flow diffusion models for inferring latent people flow from aggregated data at limited locations
* Unsupervised Many-to-Many Object Matching for Relational Data
Includes: Iwata, T.[Tomoharu] Iwata, T.[Toshihiro] Iwata, T.

Iwatao, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Co-occurrence-based adaptive background model for robust object detection

Iwatsuka, K. Co Author Listing * Development of a guide dog system for the blind people with character recognition ability
* Development of a guide dog system for the blind with character recognition ability

Iwatsuki, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Soccer Coach's Eye Gaze Behavior

Iwatsuki, M.[Masami] Co Author Listing * Easy-to-use authoring system for Noh (Japanese traditional) dance animation and its evaluation

Iwatsuki, T.[Taisei] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised disparity estimation from light field using plug-and-play weighted warping loss

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