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Israel Jost, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Conciliating syntactic and semantic constraints for multi-phase and multi-channel region segmentation
* On the implementation of the multi-phase region segmentation, solving the hidden phase problem
* Pinhole SPECT Imaging: Compact Projection/Backprojection Operator for Efficient Algebraic Reconstruction
Includes: Israel Jost, V.[Vincent] Israel-Jost, V.[Vincent] Israel-Jost, V.

Israel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * MAESTRO: Conductor of Multimedia Analysis Technologies

Israel, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * brute force approach to depth camera odometry, A
* Discrete Receive Beamforming
Includes: Israel, J.[Jonathan] Israel, J.

Israel, L.S.F.[Laura S. F.] Co Author Listing * Emotion Prediction with Weighted Appraisal Models: Towards Validating a Psychological Theory of Affect

Israel, M.[Menno] Co Author Listing * looking back screens, The
* Multi-level visual alphabets
* UAVRC, A Generic MAV Flight Assistance Software
Includes: Israel, M.[Menno] Israel, M.

Israel, O. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution in PET Imaging

Israel, S.A.[Steven A.] Co Author Listing * ECG to identify individuals
* eigenPulse: Robust human identification from cardiovascular function
* Evaluation of ISR technologies for counter insurgency warfare
* Feasibility study for the development of a motion imagery quality metric
* Fusing face and ECG for personal identification
* Quantifying interpretability for motion imagery with applications to image compression
* Statistical, Connectionist, and Fuzzy Inference Techniques for Image Classification
* Toward a common lexicon for exploiting activity data
Includes: Israel, S.A.[Steven A.] Israel, S.A.
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Israeli, M. Co Author Listing * accurate operator splitting scheme for nonlinear diffusion filtering, An
* Adaptive deblocking of block-transform compressed images using blending: Functions approximation
* Fast slant stack: A notion of radon transform for data on a cartesian grid which is rapidly computable, algebraically exact, geometrically faithful, and invertible
* Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform and Multiresolution Decomposition
* Local cosine transform-A method for the reduction of the blocking effect in JPEG
* Multiplicative Operator Splittings in Nonlinear Diffusion: From Spatial Splitting to Multiple Timesteps
* Pseudopolar-Based Estimation of Large Translations, Rotations, and Scalings in Images
* Speed versus quality in low bit-rate still image compression
Includes: Israeli, M. Israeli, M.[Moshe]
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Israely, I.[Inbal] Co Author Listing * Dendritic Spine Shape Analysis: A Clustering Perspective
* tool for automatic dendritic spine detection and analysis. Part I: Dendritic spine detection using multi-level region-based segmentation, A
Includes: Israely, I.[Inbal] Israely, I.

Israni, D.[Dippal] Co Author Listing * Efficient Local Block Sobolev Gradient and Laplacian Approach for Elimination of Atmospheric Turbulence, An
* novel approach for mitigating atmospheric turbulence using weighted average Sobolev gradient and Laplacian, A

Israr, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * When is a Haptic Message Like an Inside Joke? Digitally Mediated Emotive Communication Builds on Shared History

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