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Isleifson, D.[Dustin] Co Author Listing * Investigations into Frost Flower Physical Characteristics and the C-Band Scattering Response
* Modeling and Measurement of C-Band Radar Backscatter From Snow-Covered First-Year Sea Ice
* Monte Carlo Method for Simulating Scattering From Sea Ice Using FVTD, A
* Parameterization of Centimeter-Scale Sea Ice Surface Roughness Using Terrestrial LiDAR
* Study on the C-Band Polarimetric Scattering and Physical Characteristics of Frost Flowers on Experimental Sea Ice, A
Includes: Isleifson, D.[Dustin] Isleifson, D.

Isler, V.[Volkan] Co Author Listing * Building a 3D Virtual Museum of Native American Baskets
* Performance Evaluation of Stereo for Tele-presence
* Real-time Trinocular Stereo for Telepresence
* Rendezvous in planar environments with obstacles and unknown initial distance
* Retrospective adaptive prefetching for interactive Web GIS applications
* Six Degrees of Freedom Incremental Occlusion Horizon Culling Method for Urban Environments
* Target tracking with distributed sensors: The focus of attention problem
* Trinocular Stereo: A Real-Time Algorithm and its Evaluation
* VC-Dimension of Exterior Visibility
Includes: Isler, V.[Volkan] Isler, V.[Veysi]
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