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Isgro, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * email: Isgro, F.[Francesco]: fisgro AT cee hw ac uk
* Contrastive Explanations to Classification Systems Using Sparse Dictionaries
* Dynamic interface for machine vision systems
* Exploiting Context Information for Image Description
* Face Recognition from Robust SIFT Matching
* fast and robust image registration method based on an early consensus paradigm, A
* Fast and robust planar registration by early consensus with applications to document stitching
* Fast convergence for spectral clustering
* Finding essential features for tracking star fish in a video sequence
* General Approach to Compute the Relevance of Middle-level Input Features, A
* General Rank-2 Parameterization of the Fundamental Matrix, A
* genetic algorithm for scratch removal in static images, A
* Improving Face Recognition in Low Quality Video Sequences: Single Frame vs Multi-frame Super-Resolution
* Large Baseline Matching of Scale Invariant Features
* Methods to Retrieve the Cloud-Top Height in the Frame of the JEM-EUSO Mission
* On robust rectification for uncalibrated images
* Projective Rectification without Epipolar Geometry
* Robust estimation of motion, structure and focal length from two views of a translating scene
* Scratch Detection and Removal from Static Images Using Simple Statistics and Genetic Algorithms
* Semi-automated Method for the Measurement of the Fetal Nuchal Translucency in Ultrasound Images, A
* Three-dimensional image processing in the future of immersive media
* Towards teleconferencing by view synthesis and large-baseline stereo
Includes: Isgro, F.[Francesco] Isgrò, F. Isgro, F. Isgrò, F.[Francesco]
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Isgro, M.A.[Melisa A.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of UAS and Sentinel-2 Multispectral Imagery for Water Quality Monitoring: A Case Study for Acid Mine Drainage Affected Areas (SW Spain)
Includes: Isgro, M.A.[Melisa A.] Isgró, M.A.[Melisa A.]

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