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Iodice, A. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Efficient and Effective Evaluation of Scattering From Fractal Surfaces, An
* Assessment of TerraSAR-X Products with a New Feature Extraction Application: Monitoring of Cylindrical Tanks
* Bistatic Scattering From Anisotropic Rough Surfaces via a Closed-Form Two-Scale Model
* canonical problem in electromagnetic backscattering from buildings, A
* Closed-Form Anisotropic Polarimetric Two-Scale Model for Fast Evaluation of Sea Surface Backscattering
* Coprime Synthetic Aperture Radar (CopSAR): A New Acquisition Mode for Maritime Surveillance
* Earth Environmental Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Critical Review of Selected Applications
* Efficient Simulation of Airborne SAR Raw Data of Extended Scenes
* Efficient spotlight SAR raw signal simulation of extended scenes
* Equivalent Number of Scatterers for SAR Speckle Modeling
* Flooding Water Depth Estimation With High-Resolution SAR
* Fractal dimension images from SAR images
* From Image-Processing to Feature Processing
* Glacier Monitoring Using Frequency Domain Offset Tracking Applied to Sentinel-1 Images: A Product Performance Comparison
* Height Retrieval of Isolated Buildings From Single High-Resolution SAR Images
* Imaging of Fractal Profiles
* Link Budget Analysis for GNSS-R Sea Surface Return in Arbitrary Acquisition Geometries Using BA-PTSM
* Long-Term Satellite Monitoring of the Slumgullion Landslide Using Space-Borne Synthetic Aperture Radar Sub-Pixel Offset Tracking
* Mapping small reservoirs in semi-arid regions using multitemporal SAR: Methods and applications
* Multitemporal Level-1-beta Products: Definitions, Interpretation, and Applications
* New Framework for SAR Multitemporal Data RGB Representation: Rationale and Products, A
* Novel Approach for Disaster Monitoring: Fractal Models and Tools, A
* Orthogonal Coprime Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Pol-SARAS: A Fully Polarimetric SAR Raw Signal Simulator for Extended Soil Surfaces
* Polarimetric Two-Scale Two-Component Model for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture Under Moderate Vegetation via L-Band SAR Data
* RGB SAR product exploiting multitemporal: General processing and applications
* Role of Resolution in the Estimation of Fractal Dimension Maps From SAR Data, The
* SAR raw signal simulation for urban structures
* SAR Sensor Trajectory Deviations: Fourier Domain Formulation and Extended Scene Simulation of Raw Signal
* Scattering-Based Nonlocal Means SAR Despeckling
* Sentinel-1 for Monitoring Reservoirs: A Performance Analysis
* Synthesis, Construction, and Validation of a Fractal Surface
* Unified Formulation of SAR Raw Signals From Extended Scenes for All Acquisition Modes With Application to Simulation, A
* Unsupervised Rapid Flood Mapping Using Sentinel-1 GRD SAR Images
* Urban Area Mapping Using Multitemporal SAR Images in Combination with Self-Organizing Map Clustering and Object-Based Image Analysis
Includes: Iodice, A. Iodice, A.[Antonio]
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Iodice, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * HRI30: An Action Recognition Dataset for Industrial Human-Robot Interaction
* River Flow Monitoring by Sentinel-3 OLCI and MODIS: Comparison and Combination
Includes: Iodice, F.[Francesco] Iodice, F.[Filippo]

Iodice, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Kernel Operators for Reflection and Rotation Symmetry: Further Achievements
* Partial Person Re-identification with Alignment and Hallucination
* Salient feature based graph matching for person re-identification

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