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Inokuchi, A.[Akihiro] Co Author Listing * Regression with interval output values

Inokuchi, S.[Seiji] Co Author Listing * Absolute Depth Range Measurement of 3-d Objects Based on Modulation Moiré Topography, An
* Attractiveness Evaluation Model Based on the Physical Features of Image Regions, An
* Boundary Detection in Range Pictures
* Eigenispace Approach for a Pose Detection with Range Images: Robust Pose Detection Method for Pixel Lacks of Range Images
* Estimation of Illuminant Spectral Distribution with Geometrical Information from Spectral Image
* Expression extraction in virtuoso music performances
* figure extraction method based on the color and texture contrasts of regions, A
* Human Tracking Using Distributed Vision Systems
* Image analysis and synthesis using physics-based-modeling for pearl quality evaluation system
* Intensity Modulated Moire and its Intensity-Phase Analysis
* Modelling and Visualization for Pearl Quality Evaluation Simulator
* New Anthropomorphic Retina-Like Visual Sensor, A
* Object Recognition Through Continuous Spectral Images, An
* Range Imaging System Based on Binary Image Accumulation
* Range Imaging System for 3-D Object Recognition
* Range-Imaging System Utilizing Nematic Liquid Crystal Mask
* Real-Time Object Tracking By Rotating Range Sensor
* Recognition Method for Roughly Hand-Drawn Logical Diagrams Based on Hybrid Utilization of Multi-Layered Knowledge, The
* Recognition of Material Types Using Spectral Image
* Recognition System for Printed Piano Music using Musical Knowledge and Constraints, A
* Retina-Like Visual Sensor for Fast Tracking and Navigation Robots
* Rule-Driven Processing And Recognition From Range Images
* Shadow Representation of Image-based Objects in Virtual Space
* Simulation and Analysis of Spectral Distributions of Human Skin
* Some Further Results of Experimental Comparison of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms
* Stereo Matching for Stone Statues Using SRI Parameters and Relational Graph
* Three Dimensional Edge-Region Operator for Range Pictures, A
* Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement by Space Encoding Range Imaging
* Training System for Well-Writing Based on On-Line Character Recognition
* Tuned Range Finder for High Precision 3D Data
Includes: Inokuchi, S.[Seiji] Inokuchi, S.
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