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Hyvarinen, A.[Aapo] Co Author Listing * Bubbles: A Unifying Framework for Low-Level Statistical Properties of Natural Image Sequences
* Equivalence of Some Common Linear Feature Extraction Techniques for Appearance-Based Object Recognition Tasks
* Estimating Overcomplete Independent Component Bases for Image Windows
* Image Feature Extraction and Denoising by Sparse Coding
* Image Feature Extraction by Sparse Coding and Independent Component Analysis
* Learning a selectivity-invariance-selectivity feature extraction architecture for images
* Learning high-level independent components of images through a spectral representation
* Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision
* Natural image statistics: Energy-based models estimated by score matching
* Statistical Properties of Local Log-Contrast in Natural Images, The
* Wavelets And Natural Image Statistics
Includes: Hyvarinen, A.[Aapo] Hyvärinen, A.[Aapo] (Maybe also Hyvaerinen, A.)Hyvärinen, A. (Maybe also Hyvaerinen, A.)Hyvarinen, A.
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