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Huge, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Can Mangrove Silviculture Be Carbon Neutral?
Includes: Huge, J.[Jean] Hugé, J.[Jean]

Hugel, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Legged Robots at RoboCup-98

Hugelius, G.[Gustaf] Co Author Listing * Arctic Tundra Land Cover Classification on the Beaufort Coast Using the Kennaugh Element Framework on Dual-Polarimetric TerraSAR-X Imagery

Hugen, F.M. Co Author Listing * low-cost architecture for real-time processing and analysis of binary images, A

Hugenholtz, C.H.[Chris H.] Co Author Listing * Direct Georeferencing UAV-SfM in High-Relief Topography: Accuracy Assessment and Alternative Ground Control Strategies along Steep Inaccessible Rock Slopes
* Enhancing UAV-SfM 3D Model Accuracy in High-Relief Landscapes by Incorporating Oblique Images
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis: A Primer and Future Directions
Includes: Hugenholtz, C.H.[Chris H.] Hugenholtz, C.H.[Christopher H.]

Hugenroth, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Multi-class Cell Segmentation Using CNNs with F1-measure Loss Function

Huger, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Performance Prediction for Semantic Segmentation by a Self-Supervised Image Reconstruction Decoder
* Plants Don't Walk on the Street: Common-Sense Reasoning for Reliable Semantic Segmentation
* Robust Semantic Segmentation by Redundant Networks With a Layer-Specific Loss Contribution and Majority Vote
* Self-Supervised Domain Mismatch Estimation for Autonomous Perception
* Unsupervised Temporal Consistency (TC) Loss to Improve the Performance of Semantic Segmentation Networks, An
* Unsupervised Temporal Consistency Metric for Video Segmentation in Highly-Automated Driving
* Using Mixture of Expert Models to Gain Insights into Semantic Segmentation
* Vulnerability of Semantic Segmentation Networks to Adversarial Attacks in Autonomous Driving: Enhancing Extensive Environment Sensing, The
Includes: Huger, F.[Fabian] Hüger, F.[Fabian] (Maybe also Hueger, F.)Hüger, F. (Maybe also Hueger, F.)Huger, F.
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Hugeri, M.[Mali] Co Author Listing * Rapid method for assessing relative tissue stiffness using MR acoustic radiation force imaging

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