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Hocanin, A.[Aykut] Co Author Listing * 2-D recursive inverse adaptive algorithm, A
* Convergence analysis of the zero-attracting variable step-size LMS algorithm for sparse system identification
* Mean-square deviation analysis of the zero-attracting variable step-size LMS algorithm
* Recursive inverse adaptive algorithm: A second-order version, a fast implementation technique, and further results
* Subspace Alignment and Separation for Multiple Frequency Estimation
* Unequal Error Protection Using Convolutional Codes for PCA-Coded Images
Includes: Hocanin, A.[Aykut] Hocanin, A.

Hocaoglu, A.K.[Ali K.] Co Author Listing * Domain learning using Choquet integral-based morphological shared weight neural networks
* Generalizations of Morphological Shared Weight Networks Using Choquet Integrals with Applications to Ground Penetrating Radar Based Land Mine Detection
* Sensor Bias Estimation for Track-to-Track Association
Includes: Hocaoglu, A.K.[Ali K.] Hocaoglu, A.K. Hocaoglu, A.K.[Ali Koksal]

Hocaoglu, K.A.[Koksal A.] Co Author Listing * Subsurface Sensing

Hocaoglu, M.A.[Muhammet A.] Co Author Listing * Developing robust vision modules for microsystems applications

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