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Hegadi, R.[Ravindra] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Abnormality in Endoscopic images using Combined HSI Color Space and Watershed Segmentation
* Script Identification Based on Morphological Reconstruction in Document Images
* Skew Detection in Binary Image Documents Based on Image Dilation and Region labeling Approach

Hegadi, R.S.[Ravindra S.] Co Author Listing * Bilateral smoothing of gradient vector field and application to image segmentation
* GLCM-Based Multiclass Iris Recognition Using FKNN and KNN

Hegarat Mascle, S.L. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Crowd Density Estimators Via Their Uncertainty Bounds
Includes: Hegarat Mascle, S.L. Hégarat-Mascle, S.L.

Hegarty, C. Co Author Listing * Advances in Signal Processing for GNSSs

Hegarty, J. Co Author Listing * SAMATS: Texture extraction explained

Hegazy, D.[Doaa] Co Author Listing * Combining Appearance and Range Based Information for Multi-class Generic Object Recognition
* Generic Object Recognition Using Boosted Combined Features
* Multiple kernel Gaussian process classification for generic 3D object recognition
Includes: Hegazy, D.[Doaa] Hegazy, D.

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