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Hees, J. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense based on Structure-to-Signal Autoencoders
* Contextual Classification Using Self-Supervised Auxiliary Models for Deep Neural Networks
* ESResNet: Environmental Sound Classification Based on Visual Domain Models
* Focus-Aspect-Value model for predicting subjective visual attributes, The
* Hitchhiker's Guide to Super-Resolution: Introduction and Recent Advances
* Less is More: Proxy Datasets in NAS approaches
* P ˜ NP, at least in Visual Question Answering
* Revisiting Sequence-to-Sequence Video Object Segmentation with Multi-Task Loss and Skip-Memory
* Self-Supervised Test-Time Adaptation on Video Data
* What do Deep Networks Like to See?
* XAI Handbook: Towards a Unified Framework for Explainable AI
Includes: Hees, J. Hees, J.[Jörn]
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Heesch, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Context First
* CRF Based Region Classification Using Spatial Prototypes
* iBase: Navigating Digital Library Collections
* Image Browsing: Semantic Analysis of NN k Networks
* Large Scale System for Searching and Browsing Images from the World Wide Web, A
* Modified grabcut for unsupervised object segmentation
* Non-Gibbsian Markov random field models for contextual labelling of structured scenes
* Three Interfaces for Content-Based Access to Image Collections
* Two Step Relevance Feedback for Semantic Disambiguation in Image Retrieval
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Heese, B.[Birgit] Co Author Listing * First Ever Observations of Mineral Dust in Wintertime over Warsaw, Poland
* Modification of Local Urban Aerosol Properties by Long-Range Transport of Biomass Burning Aerosol
* Variability of the Boundary Layer Over an Urban Continental Site Based on 10 Years of Active Remote Sensing Observations in Warsaw

Heese, F. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Rapidly Time-Varying Harmonic Noise for Speech Enhancement

Heese, R.[Raoul] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sampling of Pareto Frontiers with Binary Constraints Using Regression and Classification

Heesen, M. Co Author Listing * Interaction design of automatic steering for collision avoidance: challenges and potentials of driver decoupling

Heess, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Learning generative texture models with extended Fields-of-experts
* Shape Boltzmann Machine: A Strong Model of Object Shape, The

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