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Hedman, K. Co Author Listing * Fusion Strategy for Extracted Road Networks from Multi-Aspect SAR Images, A
* Probabilistic Fusion Strategy Applied to Road Extraction from Multi-Aspect SAR Data, A
* Road Network Extraction in VHR SAR Images of Urban and Suburban Areas by Means of Class-Aided Feature-Level Fusion
Includes: Hedman, K. Hedman, K.[Karin]

Hedman, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Baking Neural Radiance Fields for Real-Time View Synthesis
* Mip-NeRF 360: Unbounded Anti-Aliased Neural Radiance Fields
* Mip-NeRF: A Multiscale Representation for Anti-Aliasing Neural Radiance Fields
* NeRF in the Dark: High Dynamic Range View Synthesis from Noisy Raw Images
* On the effect of selfie beautification filters on face detection and recognition
* Ref-NeRF: Structured View-Dependent Appearance for Neural Radiance Fields
Includes: Hedman, P.[Peter] Hedman, P.[Pontus]

Hedman, T.R. Co Author Listing * Performance and Long-Term Stability of the Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration Facility for the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Instruments

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