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Hedacq, R. Co Author Listing * Exploitation of Spectral and Temporal Information for Mapping Plant Species in a Former Industrial Site
* Toward Quantifying Oil Contamination in Vegetated Areas Using Very High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Imagery
Includes: Hedacq, R. Hédacq, R. Hédacq, R.[Rémy]

Hedau, V.[Varsha] Co Author Listing * 3D City Modeling from Street-Level Data for Augmented Reality Applications
* FashionVLP: Vision Language Transformer for Fashion Retrieval with Feedback
* Matching images under unstable segmentations
* Memory Efficient Discriminative Approach for Location Aided Recognition, A
* Recovering free space of indoor scenes from a single image
* Recovering the spatial layout of cluttered rooms
* Thinking Inside the Box: Using Appearance Models and Context Based on Room Geometry
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Hedayat, A. Co Author Listing * Rate Allocation Criteria in Source-channel Coding of Images

Hedayati Aghmashadi, A. Co Author Listing * Survey of Light Pollution of Arak City By Using of Dmsp and Suoni-npp Satellite Imagery

Hedayati, H. Co Author Listing * Generalization Approach for CNN-based Object Detection in Unconstrained Outdoor Environments

Hedayati, M. Co Author Listing * Combination of Mean Shift of Colour Signature and Optical Flow for Tracking During Foreground and Background Occlusion
* Effect of contextual information on object tracking
* Moving object detection using keypoints reference model
* Scene structure analysis for sprint sports
* Testing a Biologically-Based System for Extracting Depth from Brief Monocular 2-D Video Sequences
* Using the Properties of Primate Motion Sensitive Neurons to Extract Camera Motion and Depth from Brief 2-D Monocular Image Sequences
Includes: Hedayati, M. Hedayati, M.[Mohamed] Hedayati, M.[Mohammad]

Hedayatifard, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Vehicle Recognition for Urban Traffic Management

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