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Hantak, C.[Chad] Co Author Listing * Metrics and Optimization Techniques for Registration of Color to Laser Range Scans

Hantel, T. Co Author Listing * Is the user trained? Assessing performance and cognitive resource demands in the Virtusphere

Hanton, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * Alignment of Sewerage Inspection Videos for Their Easier Indexing

Hantos, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Reconstruction from Two Projections and Skeletal Information
* Fast Algorithm for Reconstructing hv-Convex Binary Images from Their Horizontal Projection, A
* Fast Heuristics for Eliminating Switching Components in Binary Matrices by 0-1 Flips
* Image Enhancement by Median Filters in Algebraic Reconstruction Methods: An Experimental Study
* Reconstruction and Enumeration of hv-Convex Polyominoes with Given Horizontal Projection

Hantraye, P. Co Author Listing * Automated cell individualization and counting in cerebral microscopic images

Hantscher, S. Co Author Listing * Through-Wall Imaging With a 3-D UWB SAR Algorithm

Hantzara, K.[Katerina] Co Author Listing * model for the assessment of watermark quality with regard to fidelity, A

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