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Hamshari, H.O.[Hussein O.] Co Author Listing * real-time framework for eye detection and tracking, A

Hamsici, O.C.[Onur C.] Co Author Listing * Active Appearance Models with Rotation Invariant Kernels
* Adaptive region pooling for object detection
* Bayes Optimality in Linear Discriminant Analysis
* DeepPRO: Deep Partial Point Cloud Registration of Objects
* Evaluation of the Modelling of Local Areas and Errors of Localization in FRGC-05
* Kernel Optimization in Discriminant Analysis
* Learning Spatially-Smooth Mappings in Non-Rigid Structure From Motion
* Rotation Invariant Kernels and Their Application to Shape Analysis
* Sparse Kernels for Bayes Optimal Discriminant Analysis
* Spherical-Homoscedastic Shapes
* Who is LB1? Discriminant analysis for the classification of specimens
Includes: Hamsici, O.C.[Onur C.] Hamsici, O.C.
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Hamsis, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Subjective Evaluation of Visual Quality and Simulator Sickness of Short 360 Videos: ITU-T Rec. P.919

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