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Haala, N. Co Author Listing * 2D-3D feature extraction and registration of real world scenes
* 3D Fašade Labeling over Complex Scenarios: A Case Study Using Convolutional Neural Network and Structure-From-Motion
* Acquisition of 3D Urban Models by Analysis of Aerial Images, Digital Surface Models, and Existing 2D Building Information
* Benchmarking High Density Image Matching for Oblique Airborne Imagery
* Cell Decomposition for the Generation of Building Models at Multiple Scales
* Combined Feature Extraction for Fašade Reconstruction
* Combined Knowledge Propagation for Facade Reconstruction
* Data Fusion for the Detection and Reconstruction of Buildings
* Dense Multi-Stereo Matching for High Quality Digital Elevation Models
* Dense Multiple Stereo Matching Of Highly Overlapping Uav Imagery
* Determination and improvement of spatial resolution of the CCD-line-scanner system ADS40
* DGPF Project: Evaluation of Digital Photogrammetric Aerial Based Imaging Systems - Overview and Results from the Pilot Centre
* Digital Photogrammetric Camera Evaluation Generation of Digital Elevation Models
* Efficient integration of aerial and terrestrial laser data for virtual city modeling using lasermaps
* Extraction of buildings and trees in urban environments
* Facade Reconstruction Using Geometric and Radiometric Point Cloud Information
* Fast and Robust Generation of Semantic Urban Terrain Models from UAV Video Streams
* Filtering of Point Clouds from Photogrammetric Surface Reconstruction
* From Mobile Mapping to Telegeoinformatics: Paradigm Shift in Geospatial Data Acquisition, Processing, and Management
* Generating Oriented Pointsets From Redundant Depth Maps Using Restricted Quadtrees
* German camera evaluation project: results from the geometry group., The
* Grammar Supported Facade Reconstruction from Mobile Lidar Mapping
* Hierarchical Structure From Motion Combining Global Image Orientation And Structureless Bundle Adjustment
* High Density Aerial Image Matching: State-of-the-art And Future Prospects
* Image Acquisition and Model Selection for Multi-View Stereo
* Interpretation of High Resolution SAR Data using Existing GIS Data in Urban Areas
* Interpretation of Urban Surface Models Using 2d Building Information
* Juggling with representations: On the information transfer between imagery, point clouds, and meshes for multi-modal semantics
* Mobile Lidar Mapping for 3D Point Cloud Collection in Urban Areas: A Performance Test
* multi-sensor system for positioning in urban environments, A
* Panoramic Scenes for Texture Mapping of 3D City Models
* Photometric Multi-View Mesh Refinement for High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Potential of Dense Matching for the Generation of High Quality Digital Elevation models
* Processing of 3D Building Models for Location Aware Applications
* Processing of Crawled Urban Imagery for Building Use Classification
* Quality of 3D Point Clouds from Highly Overlapping UAV Imagery
* Radargrammetric DSM Generation by Semi-Global Matching and Evaluation of Penalty Functions
* Range Image Segmentation Using the Numerical Description of the Mean Curvature Values
* Refinement of Building Facades by Integrated Processing of LIDAR and Image Data
* Robust and adaptive band-to-band image transform of UAS miniature multi-lens multispectral camera
* Stereo Model Selection and Point Cloud Filtering using an Out-of-Core Octree
* Systematic Comparison Of Direct And Image-based Georeferencing In Challenging Urban Areas, A
* Three- and Four-Dimensional Topographic Measurement and Validation
* Towards Fully Automated 3D City Model Generation
* Tree Species Recognition with Fuzzy Texture Parameters
* UAV@LGL: Pilotstudie zum Einsatz von UAV im Rahmen der Landesvermessung in Deutschland
* update on automatic 3D building reconstruction, An
* Virtual City Models from Laser Altimeter and 2D Map Data
Includes: Haala, N. Haala, N.[Norbert]
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Haalck, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Embedded Dense Camera Trajectories in Multi-Video Image Mosaics by Geodesic Interpolation-based Reintegration
* Solving the Plane-Sphere Ambiguity in Top-Down Structure-from-Motion
* Tracking Tiny Insects in Cluttered Natural Environments using Refinable Recurrent Neural Networks

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