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Gurram, A.[Akhil] Co Author Listing * LoopDA: Constructing Self-loops to Adapt Nighttime Semantic Segmentation
* Monocular Depth Estimation Through Virtual-World Supervision and Real-World SfM Self-Supervision
* Multimodal End-to-End Autonomous Driving

Gurram, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Scene Reconstruction through a Fusion of Passive Video and Lidar Imagery
* Automated 3D object identification using Bayesian networks
* Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attributes
* Entropy metric regularization for computational imaging with sensor arrays
* Hierarchical Union-of-Subspaces Model for Human Activity Summarization
* Polarimetric Thermal Database for Face Recognition Research, A
* Segment-Based Mesh Design for Building Parallel-Perspective Stereo Mosaics, A
* Sparse Kernel-Based Ensemble Learning With Fully Optimized Kernel Parameters for Hyperspectral Classification Problems
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Gurram, U.[Uttam] Co Author Listing * Do What You Can, With What You Have: Scale-aware and High Quality Monocular Depth Estimation Without Real World Labels

Gurria Gascon, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Cultural Heritage and the Shaping of Tourist Itineraries in Rural Areas: The Case of Historical Ensembles of Extremadura, Spain, The
Includes: Gurria Gascon, J.L.[Jose Luis] Gurría-Gascón, J.L.[José-Luis]

Gurrieri, L.E.[Luis E.] Co Author Listing * Optimum alignment of panoramic images for stereoscopic navigation in image-based telepresence systems

Gurrin, C.[Cathal] Co Author Listing * Annotation System for Egocentric Image Media, An
* Applying Visual User Interest Profiles for Recommendation and Personalisation
* Approaches for Event Segmentation of Visual Lifelog Data
* Audio-Visual Classification Video Browser
* AVSeeker: An Active Video Retrieval Engine at VBS2022
* Baseline Analysis of a Conventional and Virtual Reality Lifelog Retrieval System
* Characterizing everyday activities from visual lifelogs based on enhancing concept representation
* Clipboard: A Visual Search and Browsing Engine for Tablet and PC
* Considerations for a touchscreen visual lifelog
* Dynamic User Authentication Based on Mouse Movements Curves
* EMIR: A Novel Music Retrieval System for Mobile Devices Incorporating Analysis of User Emotion
* Eolas: Video Retrieval Application for Helping Tourists
* Evaluating Access Mechanisms for Multimodal Representations of Lifelogs
* Experiences and Insights from the Collection of a Novel Multimedia EEG Dataset
* Faceted Navigation for Browsing Large Video Collection
* Factorizing Time-Aware Multi-way Tensors for Enhancing Semantic Wearable Sensing
* Fast Human Activity Recognition in Lifelogging
* Graph-based Indexing and Retrieval of Lifelog Data
* Informed Perspectives on Human Annotation Using Neural Signals
* Instance Search with Weak Geometric Correlation Consistency
* Interactive Known-Item Search Using Semantic Textual and Colour Modalities
* Introduction to the special issue: Egocentric Vision and Lifelogging
* Learning Multiple Views with Orthogonal Denoising Autoencoders
* Lifelog Exploration Prototype in Virtual Reality
* LLQA: Lifelog Question Answering Dataset
* LoggerMan, a Comprehensive Logging and Visualization Tool to Capture Computer Usage
* MediAssist: Using Content-Based Analysis and Context to Manage Personal Photo Collections
* MemLog, an Enhanced Lifelog Annotation and Search Tool
* Muithu: A Touch-Based Annotation Interface for Activity Logging in the Norwegian Premier League
* Multimodal Embedding for Lifelog Retrieval
* Prediction of Blood Glucose Using Contextual LifeLog Data
* Random Matrix Ensembles of Time Correlation Matrices to Analyze Visual Lifelogs
* Real-Time Life Experience Logging Tool, A
* Rethinking the Test Collection Methodology for Personal Self-tracking Data
* Supporting browsing of user generated video on a tablet
* Task Category Space for User-Centric Comparative Multimedia Search Evaluations, A
* Test Collection for Interactive Lifelog Retrieval, A
* Towards Consent-Based Lifelogging in Sport Analytic
* Transfer Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Representation
* User Identification by Observing Interactions with GUIs
* User Interaction for Visual Lifelog Retrieval in a Virtual Environment
* V-FIRST 2.0: Video Event Retrieval with Flexible Textual-Visual Intermediary for VBS 2023
* V-FIRST: A Flexible Interactive Retrieval System for Video at VBS 2022
* Vaisl: Visual-aware Identification of Semantic Locations in Lifelog
* Video Browser Showdown: a live evaluation of interactive video search tools, The
* VideoCLIP: An Interactive CLIP-based Video Retrieval System at VBS2023
* Videofall: A Hierarchical Search Engine for VBS2022
* Virtual Reality Reminiscence Interface for Personal Lifelogs, A
* VR Interface for Browsing Visual Spaces at VBS2021, A
* Wearable Cameras for Real-Time Activity Annotation
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Gurrola, E. Co Author Listing * Nasadem Global Elevation Model: Methods And Progress

Gurrutxaga, I.[Ibai] Co Author Listing * Analysis of several decision fusion strategies for clustering validation. Strategy definition, experiments and validation
* Combining multiple class distribution modified subsamples in a single tree
* extensive comparative study of cluster validity indices, An
* SEP/COP: An efficient method to find the best partition in hierarchical clustering based on a new cluster validity index
* Towards a standard methodology to evaluate internal cluster validity indices

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