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Gorg, C.[Carsten] Co Author Listing * Visual Analytics Support for Intelligence Analysis

Gorgens, E.B.[Eric Bastos] Co Author Listing * Combined Impact of Sample Size and Modeling Approaches for Predicting Stem Volume in Eucalyptus spp. Forest Plantations Using Field and LiDAR Data
* Conceptual Model for Detecting Small-Scale Forest Disturbances Based on Ecosystem Morphological Traits, A
* Optimizing the Remote Detection of Tropical Rainforest Structure with Airborne Lidar: Leaf Area Profile Sensitivity to Pulse Density and Spatial Sampling
Includes: Gorgens, E.B.[Eric Bastos] Görgens, E.B.[Eric Bastos] (Maybe also Goergens, E.B.)

Gorges, D. Co Author Listing * Ecological Adaptive Cruise Control and Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Based on Heuristic Dynamic Programming
Includes: Gorges, D. Görges, D. (Maybe also Goerges, D.)

Gorges, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Mosaics from Arbitrary Stereo Video Sequences

Gorgevik, D. Co Author Listing * Combining SVM classifiers for handwritten digit recognition
* efficient three-stage classifier for handwritten digit recognition, An

Gorgi, A. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Gorgol, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Single-Chip, Real-Time Tomographic Data Processing on FPGA SoC Devices

Gorgon, M. Co Author Listing * FPGA based system for real-time structure from motion computation
* FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-Loop environment using video injection concept for camera-based systems in automotive applications
* Implementation of Advanced Foreground Segmentation Algorithms GMM, ViBE and PBAS in FPGA and GPU: A Comparison
* Real-time background generation and foreground object segmentation for high-definition colour video stream in FPGA device
* Real-time hardware-software embedded vision system for ITS smart camera implemented in Zynq SoC
* Real-Time Implementation of Background Modelling Algorithms in FPGA Devices
* Vision Based Hardware-Software Real-time Control System for the Autonomous Landing of an UAV, A
Includes: Gorgon, M. Gorgon, M.[Marek]
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Gorgoso Varela, J.J.[J. Javier] Co Author Listing * Modeling Diameter Distributions with Six Probability Density Functions in Pinus halepensis Mill. Plantations Using Low-Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data in Aragón (Northeast Spain)
Includes: Gorgoso Varela, J.J.[J. Javier] Gorgoso-Varela, J.J.[J. Javier]

Gorgovan, C. Co Author Listing * Navigating the Landscape for Real-Time Localization and Mapping for Robotics and Virtual and Augmented Reality

Gorgucci, E. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Self-Consistency Principle for Calibration of the CASA Radar Network Using Properties of the Observed Precipitation Medium
* Microphysical cross validation of spaceborne radar and ground polarimetric radar
* Performance Evaluations of Rain Microphysical Retrieval Using Gpm Dual-Wavelength Radar by Way of Comparison With the Self-Consistent Numerical Method

Gorgues, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Influence of the Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics on Phytoplanktonic Plumes around the Marquesas Islands Using Multi-Satellite Missions
* Neural Network Approaches to Reconstruct Phytoplankton Time-Series in the Global Ocean

Gorgulu, B.[Berk] Co Author Listing * Explainable boosted linear regression for time series forecasting
* Randomized trees for time series representation and similarity
Includes: Gorgulu, B.[Berk] Görgülü, B.[Berk] (Maybe also Goerguelue, B.)

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