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Goos, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * Towards a 3D Geo-Information Standard in the Netherlands
* Towards a National 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure: Case of The Netherlands

Gooseff, M.N.[Michael N.] Co Author Listing * Distribution of Surface Soil Moisture over Space and Time in Eastern Taylor Valley, Antarctica, The

Goosem, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Assessment of Forest Disturbance across Complex Mountainous Terrain: The Pattern and Severity of Impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi on Australian Rainforests

Goosen, H.[Hasse] Co Author Listing * Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables

Goossen, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Face recognition under pose variations using shape-adapted texture features

Goossens, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Channelized Hotelling observers for the assessment of volumetric imaging data sets
* Channelized hotelling observers for the detection of 2D signals in 3D simulated images
* Clip-level Feature Aggregation: A Key Factor for Video-based Person Re-identification
* Combined non-local and multi-resolution sparsity prior in image restoration
* Compass: A joint framework for Parallel Imaging and Compressive Sensing in MRI
* Complex wavelet joint denoising and demosaicing using Gaussian scale mixtures
* Consistent joint photometric and geometric image registration
* Decreasing Time Consumption of Microscopy Image Segmentation Through Parallel Processing on the GPU
* Efficient design of a low redundant Discrete Shearlet Transform
* EM-based estimation of spatially variant correlated image noise
* Exploiting Reflectional and Rotational Invariance in Single Image Superresolution
* filter design technique for improving the directional selectivity of the first scale of the Dual-Tree complex wavelet transform, A
* GPU-Accelerated Real-Time NLMeans Algorithm for Denoising Color Video Sequences, A
* Highly parallel steered mixture-of-experts rendering at pixel-level for image and light field data
* Image Denoising Using Mixtures of Projected Gaussian Scale Mixtures
* Image Denoising Using Quadtree-Based Nonlocal Means With Locally Adaptive Principal Component Analysis
* Image Upscaling Using Global Multimodal Priors
* improved fuzzy clustering approach for image segmentation, An
* improved HDR image synthesis algorithm, An
* Joint photometric and geometric image registration in the total least square sense
* Noise Removal from Images by Projecting onto Bases of Principal Components
* Obstacle detection for pedestrians with a visual impairment based on 3D imaging
* Optimal Joint Detection and Estimation That Maximizes ROC-Type Curves
* Point Triangulation through Polyhedron Collapse Using the L-inf Norm
* primal-dual algorithm for joint demosaicking and deconvolution, A
* Quasar: A new heterogeneous programming framework for image and video processing algorithms on CPU and GPU
* Reconstruction of High Dynamic Range images with poisson noise modeling and integrated denoising
* Removal of Correlated Noise by Modeling Spatial Correlations and Interscale Dependencies in the Complex Wavelet Domain
* Removal of Correlated Noise by Modeling the Signal of Interest in the Wavelet Domain
* Resolution based Feature Distillation for Cross Resolution Person Re-Identification
* Robust plane-based calibration for linear cameras
* Rotation invariant similarity measure for non-local self-similarity based image denoising
* Total least square kernel regression
* Variational multi-image stereo matching
* Wavelet Domain Image Denoising for Non-Stationary Noise and Signal-Dependent Noise
Includes: Goossens, B.[Bart] Goossens, B.
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Goossens, C. Co Author Listing * Joint retrieval of surface reflectance and aerosol properties from PROBA-V observations, part I: Algorithm performance evaluation
* Joint Surface Reflectance and AeRosol properties retrieval in the PV-LAC framework, part II: Validation

Goossens, P.F.[Peter F.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Soft Indicator and Poisson Kriging for the Noise-Filtering and Downscaling of Areal Data: Application to Daily COVID-19 Incidence Rates

Goossens, R.[Rudi] Co Author Listing * 3D building reconstruction based on given ground plan information and surface models extracted from spaceborne imagery
* Assessing post-fire vegetation recovery using red-near infrared vegetation indices: Accounting for background and vegetation variability
* Automatic detection of burial mounds (kurgans) in the Altai Mountains
* Burned Area Detection and Burn Severity Assessment of a Heathland Fire in Belgium Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy (APEX)
* Close Range Photogrammetry Used for the Monitoring of Harbour Breakwaters
* Cultural Heritage Documentation and Integrated Geomatics Techniques in an Educational Context: Case Bois-du-Luc (Belgium)
* GIS-based Multi-criteria Analysis on Cropland Suitability In Bornuur Soum, Mongolia, A
* Low cost 3D-modelling of a complex archaeological site using aerial photography in the hinterland of Petra, Jordan
* Semi-automatic City Model Extraction from Tri-stereoscopic VHR Satellite Imagery
Includes: Goossens, R.[Rudi] Goossens, R.
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