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Goddard Close, J.[John] Co Author Listing * LSTM Deep Neural Networks Postfiltering for Improving the Quality of Synthetic Voices
Includes: Goddard Close, J.[John] Goddard-Close, J.[John]

Goddard, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Emotional Speech Recognition
* Expanding Accurate Person Recognition to New Altitudes and Ranges: The BRIAR Dataset
* Segmentation-Based Registration of Organs in Intraoperative Video Sequences
* Spoken Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning
Includes: Goddard, J.[John] Goddard, J.[Jim] Goddard, J.[James]

Goddard, J.S.[James S.] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval for Semiconductor Process Characterization
* Robust Defect Segmentation in Woven Fabrics
* Vision system for on-line characterization of paper slurry
Includes: Goddard, J.S.[James S.] Goddard, Jr., J.S.[James S.] Goddard Jr., J.S.[James S.]

Goddard, N. Co Author Listing * Human Activity Recognition

Goddard, N.H.[Nigel H.] Co Author Listing * Computing with Structured Connectionist Networks
* Interpretation of Visual Motion: Recognizing Moving Light Displays, The
Includes: Goddard, N.H.[Nigel H.] Goddard, N.H.

Goddard, P. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Applied to the Detection and Localization of Acoustic Neuromas from Head NIR Images
* Unsupervised Learning in Radiology Using Novel Latent Variable Models
Includes: Goddard, P. Goddard, P.[Paul]

Godde, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Cinematic Narration in VR: Rethinking Film Conventions for 360 Degrees
Includes: Godde, M.[Michael] Gödde, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Goedde, M.)

Goddijn Murphy, L.[Lonneke] Co Author Listing * Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements
* On Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Plastic Pollution in Natural Waters
* Using a UAV Thermal Infrared Camera for Monitoring Floating Marine Plastic Litter
Includes: Goddijn Murphy, L.[Lonneke] Goddijn-Murphy, L.[Lonneke]

Godding, R. Co Author Listing * 4D Surface matching for high-speed stereo sequences

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