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Gleason, A. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Coral Reef Classification and Thematic Mapping

Gleason, A.C.R.[Arthur C.R.] Co Author Listing * Fast Image Blending using Watersheds and Graph Cuts

Gleason, C.J.[Colin J.] Co Author Listing * Antarctic Supraglacial Lake Identification Using Landsat-8 Image Classification
* High-Resolution Airborne Color-Infrared Camera Water Mask for the NASA ABoVE Campaign, A
* Remote Sensing of River Discharge: A Review and a Framing for the Discipline
Includes: Gleason, C.J.[Colin J.] Gleason, C.J.[Colin J]

Gleason, J. Co Author Listing * Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos Using Chunk-based Classifiers
* How are attributes expressed in face DCNNs?
* PASS: Protected Attribute Suppression System for Mitigating Bias in Face Recognition
* Proposal-Based Solution to Spatio-Temporal Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos, A
* Real-time Detection of Activities in Untrimmed Videos
* Synthesis-Based Approach for Thermal-to-Visible Face Verification, A
* Where in the World Is This Image? Transformer-Based Geo-localization in the Wild
Includes: Gleason, J. Gleason, J.[Joshua]
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Gleason, K.E.[Kelly E.] Co Author Listing * Forest Fire Effects on Landscape Snow Albedo Recovery and Decay

Gleason, M.P.[Michael P.] Co Author Listing * Measuring optical distortion in aircraft transparencies: A fully automated system for quantitative evaluation

Gleason, P.L. Co Author Listing * Evaluating and Validating an Automated Registration System for Enhanced Reality Visualization in Surgery

Gleason, S.[Scott] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Detecting Coherence in Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System Mission Level-1 Delay-Doppler Maps, An
* Calibration and Unwrapping of the Normalized Scattering Cross Section for the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System
* Geolocation, Calibration and Surface Resolution of CYGNSS GNSS-R Land Observations
* Inland Water Body Mapping Using CYGNSS Coherence Detection
* Real-Time On-Orbit Signal Tracking Algorithm for GNSS Surface Observations, A
* Space-Based GNSS Scatterometry: Ocean Wind Sensing Using an Empirically Calibrated Model
* Spatial and Temporal Sampling Properties of a Large GNSS-R Satellite Constellation
* Supervised semantic classification for nuclear proliferation monitoring
* UAV-Based Remote Sensing for Managing Alaskan Native Heritage Landscapes in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
Includes: Gleason, S.[Scott] Gleason, S. Gleason, S.[Shaun] Gleason, S.[Sean]
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Gleason, S.S. Co Author Listing * Conebeam x-ray computed tomography with an offset detector array
* Directional dilation for the connection of piece-wise objects: A semiconductor manufacturing case study
* Fast Feldkamp reconstruction based on focus of attention and distributed computing
* Image-Based Informatics for Preclinical Biomedical Research
* new deformable model for analysis of X-ray CT images in preclinical studies of mice for polycystic kidney disease, A
* Novel Approach to Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Mammographic Images, A
* Volumetric segmentation via 3D active shape models
Includes: Gleason, S.S. Gleason, S.S.[Shaun S.]
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Gleave, W.[Will] Co Author Listing * RarePlanes Soar Higher: Self-Supervised Pretraining for Resource Constrained and Synthetic Datasets

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