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Giri Prakash, H.D. Co Author Listing * novel method of Post processing algorithms for image and VP8 video codec's, A

Giri, A.[Amita] Co Author Listing * Source Aware Deep Learning Framework for Hand Kinematic Reconstruction Using EEG Signal

Giri, C.[Chandra] Co Author Listing * Frontiers in Global Mangrove Forest Monitoring
* Global land cover mapping using Earth observation satellite data: Recent progresses and challenges
* Land Cover Characterization and Mapping of South America for the Year 2010 Using Landsat 30 m Satellite Data
* Madagascar's Mangroves: Quantifying Nation-Wide and Ecosystem Specific Dynamics, and Detailed Contemporary Mapping of Distinct Ecosystems
* mangrove forest map of China in 2015: Analysis of time series Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-1A imagery in Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform, A
* Observation and Monitoring of Mangrove Forests Using Remote Sensing: Opportunities and Challenges
* Recent Advancement in Mangrove Forests Mapping and Monitoring of the World Using Earth Observation Satellite Data
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Giri, E.P.[Endang Purnama] Co Author Listing * Ownership Protection on Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Using Transform-Based Watermarking

Giri, K.[Khageswor] Co Author Listing * Development and Validation of a Model to Combine NDVI and Plant Height for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Herbage Yield in a Perennial Ryegrass Breeding Program

Giri, R.[Raghvendra] Co Author Listing * Dealing with Scarce Labelled Data: Semi-supervised Deep Learning with Mix Match for Covid-19 Detection Using Chest X-ray Images
* Joint Clustering and Classification for Multiple Instance Learning
* Reweighted Algorithms for Independent Vector Analysis
* Robust Bayesian method for simultaneous block sparse signal recovery with applications to face recognition
Includes: Giri, R.[Raghvendra] Giri, R.[Ritwik] Giri, R.

Giri, S.[Sandip] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Attribution of Mangrove Forest Changes in the Indian Sundarbans from 2000 to 2020

Giri, S.K.[Sourav K.] Co Author Listing * Intelligent computing on time-series data analysis and prediction of COVID-19 pandemics

Giribabu, D. Co Author Listing * Improving Cartosat-1 DEM accuracy using synthetic stereo pair and triplet

Giridhar, K. Co Author Listing * Enhancement in Spectral Efficiency using Transmit-side Channel Shortener for MISO-OFDM Systems
* Single Snapshot Spatial Smoothing With Improved Effective Array Aperture

Giridharan, G. Co Author Listing * Early Assessment of Renal Transplants Using BOLD-MRI: Promising Results

Giridharan, M. Co Author Listing * Dhaksha, The Unmanned Aircraft System in its New Avatar-Automated Aerial Inspection of India's Tallest Tower

Giridharan, N. Co Author Listing * Performance comparison of texture feature analysis methods using PNN classifier for segmentation and classification of brain CT images

Girija, G. Co Author Listing * Experimental study with enhanced Vision System prototype unit

Girin, L. Co Author Listing * Audio-Noise Power Spectral Density Estimation Using Long Short-Term Memory
* Exploiting the Complementarity of Audio and Visual Data in Multi-speaker Tracking
* Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli
* Variational Bayesian Inference for Audio-Visual Tracking of Multiple Speakers
Includes: Girin, L. Girin, L.[Laurent]

Girina, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Classification of Video Observation Data for Volcanic Activity Monitoring Using Computer Vision and Modern Neural NetWorks (on Klyuchevskoy Volcano Example)
* Numerical Modeling of the Ash Cloud Movement from the Catastrophic Eruption of the Sheveluch Volcano in November 1964

Girish, D. Co Author Listing * Understanding action recognition in still images

Girish, G.N. Co Author Listing * Marker controlled watershed transform for intra-retinal cysts segmentation from optical coherence tomography B-scans

Girish, S.[Sharath] Co Author Listing * Lottery Ticket Hypothesis for Object Recognition, The
* Towards Discovery and Attribution of Open-world GAN Generated Images
* Unconstrained Motion Deblurring for Dual-Lens Cameras

Girish, V. Co Author Listing * Orthonormal wavelet representations for recognized complex annotations

Girisha, R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of motion objects from surveillance video sequences using partial correlation
* Segmentation of Motion Objects from Surveillance Video Sequences Using Temporal Differencing Combined with Multiple Correlation

Girishwaingankar, P.[Poorva] Co Author Listing * PHY-NGSC-Based ORT Run Length Encoding Scheme for Video Compression, The

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