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Ginzburg, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * DCT-domain coder for digital video applications

Ginzburg, D.[Dvir] Co Author Listing * Cyclic Functional Mapping: Self-supervised Correspondence Between Non-isometric Deformable Shapes
* Deep Weighted Consensus Dense Correspondence Confidence Maps for 3d Shape Registration
* DPC: Unsupervised Deep Point Correspondence via Cross and Self Construction
* Dual Geometric Graph Network (DG2N) Iterative Network for Deformable Shape Alignment

Ginzburg, I. Co Author Listing * Averaged and decorrelated neural networks as a time-series predictor

Ginzburg, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * What's Your Laughter Doing There? A Taxonomy of the Pragmatic Functions of Laughter

Ginzel, T. Co Author Listing * Simplified Scheme for Hardware-Based Pattern Recognition, A

Ginzler, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of airborne photogrammetrically derived high-resolution digital elevation models in a high mountain environment
* Accuracy of Forest Parameters Derived from Medium Footprint Lidar under Operational Constraints
* Assessing Changes in Mountain Treeline Ecotones over 30 Years Using CNNs and Historical Aerial Images
* Comparison Of Digital Surface Models For Snow Depth Mapping With Uav And Aerial Cameras
* Countrywide Stereo-Image Matching for Updating Digital Surface Models in the Framework of the Swiss National Forest Inventory
* Effective Way to Map Land-Use Intensity with a High Spatial Resolution Based on Habitat Type and Environmental Data, An
* Forest variable estimation using a high-resolution digital surface model
* Habitat Map of Switzerland: A Remote Sensing, Composite Approach for a High Spatial and Thematic Resolution Product, The
* Impact of the Acquisition Geometry of Very High-Resolution Pléiades Imagery on the Accuracy of Canopy Height Models over Forested Alpine Regions
* Land Cover Classification in Mangrove Ecosystems Based on VHR Satellite Data and Machine Learning: An Upscaling Approach
* Mapping Secondary Forest Succession On Abandoned Agricultural Land In The Polish Carpathians
* Mapping Secondary Forest Succession on Abandoned Agricultural Land with LiDAR Point Clouds and Terrestrial Photography
* Quantitative Comparison of Segmentation Results from ADS40 Images in Swiss NFI
* Regional Scale Mapping of Grassland Mowing Frequency with Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Single-Tree Processing Framework Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data for Detecting Forest Regeneration, A
* Wall-to-Wall Tree Type Mapping from Countrywide Airborne Remote Sensing Surveys
* Wide-area Mapping Of Forest With National Airborne Laser Scanning And Field Inventory Datasets
Includes: Ginzler, C.[Christian] Ginzler, C.
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