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Ghrab, J.[Jamila] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification and behavioral analysis of phlebotomine sand flies using trajectory features

Ghrab, N.B.[Najla Bouarada] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Events Detection Based on Trajectory Clustering
* Clustering-Based Abnormal Event Detection: Experimental Comparison for Similarity Measures' Efficiency
* Tracking Moving Objects in Road Traffic Sequences

Ghrayeb, A. Co Author Listing * Homogeneity-Based Directional Sigma Filtering of Video Noise
* Modeling and Analysis of an Infrastructure Service Request Queue in Multichannel V2I Communications
* Modeling and Analysis of DSA-Based Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Systems
* Real-Time Technique for Spatio-Temporal Video Noise Estimation, A
* Structure-Oriented Multidirectional Wiener Filter for Denoising of Image and Video Signals

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