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Gaus, H.H. Co Author Listing * Wideband MAC-compatible HDTV transmission system

Gaus, Y.F.A.[Yona Falinie A.] Co Author Listing * Holoscopic 3D Micro-Gesture Database for Wearable Device Interaction
* Linear and Non-Linear Multimodal Fusion for Continuous Affect Estimation In-the-Wild
* Lost in Compression: the Impact of Lossy Image Compression on Variable Size Object Detection within Infrared Imagery
* On the Impact of Using X-Ray Energy Response Imagery for Object Detection Via Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Gaus, Y.F.A.[Yona Falinie A.] Gaus, Y.F.A.

Gausemeier, J. Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Industry

Gausset, B.[Blandine] Co Author Listing * Exploring Machine Learning to Correct Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperatures

Gaussier, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Deep k-Means: Jointly clustering with k-Means and learning representations
* Generalized k-means-based clustering for temporal data under weighted and kernel time warp
* sparse version of the ridge logistic regression for large-scale text categorization, A

Gaussier, P. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Cognitive Robots Need Emotional Modulations: Introducing the eMODUL Model
* Efficient Neural Models for Visual Attention
* Interactive Teaching for Vision-Based Mobile Robots: A Sensory-Motor Approach
* model of the visual attention to speed up image analysis, A
* Perception: Insights from the sensori-motor approach
Includes: Gaussier, P. Gaussier, P.[Philippe]

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