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Gain, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Neural Connections for Sparsity Learning

Gain, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Using Visualizations to Support Design and Debugging in Virtual Reality

Gain, P. Co Author Listing * Fundus Image Mosaicking for Information Augmentation in Computer-Assisted Slit-Lamp Imaging

Gaines, B.R. Co Author Listing * Some Experience in the Real-Time Processing of Handwriting

Gaines, D. Co Author Listing * AEGIS autonomous targeting for the Curiosity rover's ChemCam instrument

Gaines, M.[Mollie] Co Author Listing * Can we detect more ephemeral floods with higher density harmonized Landsat Sentinel 2 data compared to Landsat 8 alone?

Gaines, S. Co Author Listing * Optimising computer vision based ADAS: vehicle detection case study
* Perspective Multiscale Detection and Tracking of Persons
Includes: Gaines, S. Gaines, S.[Seán]

Gainey, J.C. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks for Automatic Target Recognition

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