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Fundakowski, R.A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Automated Visual Inspection System for Hot Steel Slabs, A
* Vehicle detection through image processing for traffic surveillance and control
Includes: Fundakowski, R.A. Fundakowski, R.A.[Richard A.]

Fundana, K.[Ketut] Co Author Listing * Continuous graph cuts for prior-based object segmentation
* Convex multi-region segmentation on manifolds
* Deformable Shape Priors in Chan-Vese Segmentation of Image Sequences
* Graph Cut Segmentation Using a Constrained Statistical Model with Non-linear and Sparse Shape Optimization
* Pose Invariant Shape Prior Segmentation Using Continuous Cuts and Gradient Descent on Lie Groups
* Using a flexibility constrained 3D statistical shape model for robust MRF-based segmentation
* Variational Segmentation of Image Sequences Using Deformable Shape Priors
* Variational Segmentation of Image Sequences Using Region-Based Active Contours and Deformable Shape Priors
* View Point Tracking of Rigid Objects Based on Shape Sub-manifolds
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Funderburk, W.R.[William R.] Co Author Listing * Use of Aerial RGB Imagery and LIDAR in Comparing Ecological Habitats and Geomorphic Features on a Natural versus Man-Made Barrier Island, The

Fundo, A.[Akli] Co Author Listing * Chance-Constrained Flight Level Assignment Problem

Fundone, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Medieval Archaeology Under the Canopy with LiDAR. The (Re)Discovery of a Medieval Fortified Settlement in Southern Italy

Fundora Ramirez, O.[Osiel] Co Author Listing * Recommendation of Process Discovery Algorithms Through Event Log Classification
Includes: Fundora Ramirez, O.[Osiel] Fundora-Ramírez, O.[Osiel]

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