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Frysch, R. Co Author Listing * Beam Hardening Correction Using Cone Beam Consistency Conditions

Fryskowska Skibniewska, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * New Methodology for the Detection and Extraction of Hyperbolas in GPR Images, A
Includes: Fryskowska Skibniewska, A.[Anna] Fryskowska-Skibniewska, A.[Anna]

Fryskowska, A. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Point Clouds Geo-referencing in Surveying And Documentation of Historical Complexes
* ALS and TLS data fusion in cultural heritage documentation and modeling
* Analysis Of The Possibilities Of Using Low-cost Scanning System In 3d Modeling
* Assesment of the Influence of UAV Image Quality on the Orthophoto Production
* Calibration of Low Cost RGB and NIR UAV Cameras
* Chosen Aspects Of The Production Of The Basic Map Using UAV Imagery
* Effective Detection of Sub-surface Archeological Features From Laser Scanning Point Clouds And Imagery Data
* Examining the possibility of correcting imagery acquired for the purpose of obtaining spectral reflectance coefficients in the infrared range using photometric measurements
* Generating Accurate 3D Models of Architectural Heritage Structures Using Low-cost Camera And Open Source Algorithms
* Impact of the method of registering Terrestrial Laser Scanning data on the quality of documenting cultural heritage structures
* Influence of Lower Atmosphere on the Radiometric Quality of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Integration of Point Clouds And Images Acquired from a Low-Cost NIR Camera Sensor for Cultural Heritage Purposes
* Pre-processing of Xeva-XS imagery for determining spectral reflectance coefficients in laboratory conditions
* Precise Method of Fisheye Lens Calibration
* Quality Assessment of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function for NIR Imagery Sequences from UAV
* Some Aspects Of Satellite Imagery Integration From Eros B And Landsat 8
Includes: Fryskowska, A. Fryskowska, A.[Anna]
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